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Office of the Campus Registrar

Common Forms for Records & Enrollment

The Campus Registrar’s Office at Washington State University Tri-Cities serves as the custodian of student academic records. The forms and resources below will help guide you in taking the necessary steps to manage your enrollment and academic plan.

Contact the Registrar’s Office if you are unable to download any PDF documents.

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Enrollment Change – Undergraduate (PDF): Use this form to request any changes to your course schedule that you are not able to complete through your student portal (e.g., add after 5th day, time conflict, dept consent required).

Enrollment Change – Graduate (PDF): Use this form if you are a graduate student and are not able to add or change your course schedule through your student portal. If you are in a Pullman program, you will need to submit a Graduate Enrollment Change Form to enroll in Tri-Cities classes.

Enrollment Change – Audit Only (PDF): Use this form to audit a course, in which no grade points or university credit will be earned.

Agreement Form for Individually-Taught Course: List of 495-499 (and some other) courses that require department consent to enroll, for which links are provided to submit applications.

Term Withdrawal: Withdrawing from the current term will remove all of your courses for the current semester. This includes any classes taken concurrently on multiple WSU campuses and through Global Campus.


Official Transcript Request Online: The quickest way to order an Official Transcript is to submit the online order form.

Official Statement Request for Enrollment Verification*: Use this form if you need specific enrollment verification, such as credit hours, grade point average, future term enrollment, etc. Please be aware that processing takes up to five (5) business days with additional days allowed when the statement is mailed.

*Note: We strongly encourage students needing to verify their enrollment status (full-time, half-time, or less than half-time) for the current or a past term to use this self-service link, where you can print an enrollment verification or check loan information on the National Clearinghouse website.

Official Transcript Request Form (PDF): Use this form to request for the Tri-Cities Registrar’s Office to print your Official Transcript. Please be aware that processing takes up to five (5) business days with additional days allowed when the transcript is mailed. 

Unofficial Transcript Request: Current and former students can access their Unofficial WSU Transcript at myWSU​ > Student Homepage > Academic Records > View Unofficial Transcript.

Change of Campus

Change of Campus: Request a permanent change of admission and/or enrollment status from one WSU campus to another.

Intercampus Enrollment Request: Request to take all your courses for a single semester at another WSU campus.

Special Enrollment Request: Request to enroll in a course that is not offered on the student’s Home Campus, but is offered on another campus (Host Campus). If approved, a videoconference or blended section will be created on the student’s Home Campus that is linked to the course on the Host Campus. Link to form will be provided by your Academic Advisor.


Petition for Exception to Academic Policy: Use this form to request a waiver of a prerequisite requirement, repeat of a course, or course substitution.

Petition for Exception to Academic Calendar Deadline and Withdrawal Limit: Visit this page if you missed an academic calendar deadline or exhausted your withdrawal limit.

Graduate Petition (PDF): Use this form if you are a graduate student for requesting an exception to add, drop, withdraw, or cancel enrollment.

Petition to Waive Late Registration Fee: Use this form to request a refund or cancellation of a late registration fee.

Tuition Waiver

State Employee Tuition Waiver Request: Use this form to request enrollment using the state employee tuition waiver. For Fall and Spring semesters only. The form goes live at the same time as Pullman approximately 2-3 weeks before the start of each semester. For more detailed information on allowed courses and eligibility, please visit our WSU ETW Policies and Regulations page, as well as the Tuition Waivers – Fall and Spring Semesters page of the Business Policies and Procedures Manual.

Senior Citizen Tuition Waiver Request: Use this form if you are age 60 or over, a Washington state resident, and want to audit a course, in which no grade points or university credit will be earned. This tuition waiver is limited to six credits or two courses per semester in the fall and spring semesters only.

IMPORTANT! We can enroll students using this benefit starting on the first day of instruction. Since students can’t access Canvas until they are enrolled, we encourage them to contact instructors directly for course material and/or Zoom links.

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