Choose Your Own Summer Adventure

Summer is an opportunity like no other to engage deeper in your studies through smaller class sizes, diversify your skillset, and prepare to tackle the next big challenge ahead.

Yes, you can take classes. But you have other options, too. Take the summer to get ahead in your program of study, travel the world, or earn a paycheck while earning internship credit. Whatever your goals are, you have options to meet them during the WSU Tri-Cities summer session.

Enroll in Courses

Whether you are a current student at any of the WSU Campuses or a student at a different university or college, you have options at WSU Tri-Cities. Learn more…

Complete an Internship

Summer is an ideal time to complete and internship because you can work full-time to support the goals of a complany while increasing your professional knoweledge and experience. Internships can be paid or unpaid experiences that may translate into academic credit. Check with our Career Development Office to learn more.

Study Abroad

Take the summer to study abroad. International travel will transform your college experience, your future career, and your life. Students who travel learn about themselves, broaden their worldview, and learn how to approach problems solving from different perspectives. Whether you go for a week or the entire summer, will gain confidence, empathy, and cultural awareness, all of which will inform your academic experience and prepare you to enter an increasingly globalized workforce.

Check out the summer schedule of classes…