Petition for Exception to Academic Calendar Deadline

Exceptions to the Academic Calendar Deadlines

Academic Regulation 57: Student Petitions for Exceptions to Academic Calendar Deadlines and Withdrawal Limits

Students may, with the payment of a service fee, petition for exceptions to the academic calendar deadlines (e.g., withdrawal after the deadline) or petition for withdrawal from an individual course after the student has used the maximum number allowed.  Petitions are considered only in the case of extraordinary circumstances such as a medical emergency and require supporting documentation.

Undergraduate and professional students may petition through the Registrar’s Office. Graduate students may petition through the Graduate School.

Petitions for exceptions to the academic calendar deadlines and withdrawal limits must be made within two years of the date of enrollment in the course.

This online form is your petition to request the university to make an exception to an academic calendar deadline for you. Please read the instructions carefully. This form is NOT for course substitutions or waiving degree requirements.

Any supporting documentation can be emailed to

You will be billed a $10 non-refundable processing fee on your student account for filing the petition.