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 Meet some WSU Tri-Cities Cougs

Lian Jacquez

Lian Jacquez

Digital Technology & Culture alumnus

“WSU Tri-Cities is a hidden gem,” he said. “We are located in an area that offers great opportunities without a lot of the competition that one might experience at a much larger university. And the people who work here – our faculty, administration, staff and everyone behind the scenes – are here to make sure we all succeed. We, as students, aren’t just a number or another name on the roster.”

Vanessa Moore

Vanessa Moore

Business alumna

“I am very grateful for my experience here and the people I came to know and what I have gained as a result, getting my degree was important to me, and I wanted to finish it without accruing any student loans. The feeling of completion and accomplishment and knowing that I did well is so validating.”

Catalina Yepez

Pre-Med Alumna

“Everybody here at WSU Tri-Cities is trying to help you succeed, there are a lot of resources here if you use them, and they help you out a lot. I am very happy I came here. WSU Tri-Cities has made me realize that optometry is a competitive field and I need to be a competitive applicant. I’ve definitely gotten help every time I’ve asked for it.”

Geoff Schramm

Geoff Schramm

Environmental Science Alumnus

“Attending WSU Tri-Cities is probably one of the best decisions I’ve ever made, the connections I’ve made here, the mentors I’ve had, the external family that I’ve now gained as part of the WSU Cougar community, is priceless. I couldn’t be more grateful for the amazing opportunities I’ve had and people I’ve met through my experience at WSU Tri-Cities.”

WSU Tri-Cities is a dynamic and engaged university
dedicated to excellence in research and teaching.