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Earning your college degree has never been more important, and we are committed to helping you identify funding for it. Thanks to financial aid, grants, scholarships and loans, half of WSU Tri-Cities students earning a bachelor’s degree pay zero out-of-pocket expenses for tuition. Learn more about WSU Tri-Cities’ financial resources so that you can plan for your educational future.

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January 31

WSU Scholarship Priority Deadline

January 31

FAFSA/WASFA Priority Deadline

Types of Aid and How to Apply

When applying for financial aid, it is important to understand the differences between the types of aid and how you can benefit from them. All WSU Tri-Cities students are encouraged to fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) or Washington Application for State Financial Aid (WASFA), as well as research other forms of aid, like those listed below!


Scholarships are based on financial need, academic merit, talent, and/or community involvement. For early consideration, apply and fill out the WSU General Scholarship Application every year before the May 1 deadline. You can also check with your academic college or department, within your community, and on the internet for other scholarship opportunities.


Student loans are another option to help you fund your education. Loans must be paid back, and range from subsidized, unsubsidized, PLUS loans, and private loans. Repayment often does not begin until after you complete your degree.

Grants & Waivers

Grants and waivers are awarded to undergraduate students based on financial need. Grants do not need to be repaid, with funds coming from WSU, the State of Washington, or the federal government. Waivers are discounts applied directly to your tuition. If you are a graduate or professional student, you will not qualify for need-based grants and waivers. However, there are other options available to you.


Work-study is designed to help qualifying students fund their education by finding employment while attending WSU Tri-Cities. Work-study student’ pay comes from a partnership of federal or state funds and employer funds. These experiences provide students with opportunities to earn money, often while working in their area of study.

Additional Resources

Resources at WSU Tri-Cities

Check out these resources below for more information on different forms of aid and tools to help you plan.

Planning Support and Student Accounts

WSU Tri-Cities is dedicated to helping students feel supported, no matter where they are on their educational journey. Along with helping you plan for your financial future, Student Financial Services provides assistance and expertise in making sure you have all that you need to succeed while on campus. Reach out with any question regarding payments, types of aid, applications, and more.

We’re Here to Help

For questions regarding financial aid at WSU Tri-Cities, contact the Office of Student Financial Services.

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