Apply at WSU Tri-Cities

Apply now for 2018-2019 at WSU Tri-Cities!

Freshman Application

Complete your WSU application if you will graduate from high school, finish your Running Start program or will be attending college for the first time since completing high school. ($50 application fee)

Transfer Application

Complete your transfer application if you are not currently in high school and attended an accredited college or university after your high school graduation (not including the summer immediately following your graduation). If all your college work was completed while in high school, please use the Freshman application. ($50 application fee)

Graduate School Application

If you have already spoken with a graduate admissions counselor and are ready to apply, you may start your WSU graduate school application now.

Want to switch campuses?

Fill out a change of campus form if you’ve already applied and you’ve changed your mind about where you would like to attend. Admission or enrollment at one WSU campus does not guarantee admission or enrollment eligibility at another WSU campus.

International Application

Complete your WSU international application if your country of citizenship is other than the United States of America and you are not a resident alien (a permanent resident/immigrant).

Former Student Application

Complete the former WSU student application if you were previously enrolled at any WSU campus and have not enrolled for two consecutive semesters. Note: If you were not in good academic standing your last semester at WSU, you may need to be reinstated (Reinstatement information).
($25 application fee)

Non-degree Seeking Application

Complete the WSU non-degree seeking application if you do not intend to complete an undergraduate degree at WSU Tri-Cities and are taking undergraduate coursework for one or more of the following reasons: Personal enrichment, completion of coursework for transfer to another institution, or teaching endorsement. ($25 application fee)

If you are wanting to take graduate courses as a non-degree student you will need to complete the Non-Degree Graduate Status application.

Because application fees are nonrefundable, contact us with questions before you apply.