Administration and Leadership

WSU Tri-Cities Administration and Leadership

Chancellor Sandra Haynes is the chief executive officer, administrator and leader of Washington State University Tri-Cities. She has responsibility and leadership for, and authority over campus budgets, equipment, facilities, space assignments and operations at the urban campus. In coordinated conjunction with the President, the Chancellor is responsible for maintaining and promoting the external image and relations of the campus to stakeholders, industry, the legislature and the surrounding community.

The Chancellor reports to the President of Washington State University, whose office serves as the system-wide headquarters of Washington State University, collaborating with a wide range of internal and external stakeholders to define the vision and set the direction for the institution.

The WSU President reports to the Board of Regents, which is the University’s governing body whose broad responsibilities are to supervise, coordinate, manage and regulate the WSU system, as provided by state statute.

Executive Council

The Chancellor’s Executive Council is comprised of the Chancellor, Vice Chancellors, Assistant Vice Chancellors and senior leaders of the campus. They work closely with her to advance the vision and mission of campus, support faculty, staff and students and make recommendations related to governance and inclusion.

Advisory Councils

Advisory Councils serve to inform the Chancellor and her administration of the needs of the community and to inform the community of the University’s needs and progress. Advisory Council members share the goal of making sure WSU Tri-Cities remains a vital, growing institution that meets the educational needs of our region and sparks continuing economic growth.

Advisory Council Tri-Cities (ACT)

The WSU Tri-Cities Advisory Council (ACT) is comprised of business, civic, and education leaders as well as alumni who have a strategic interest in WSU Tri-Cities. The members are appointed by the University President. The Advisory Council’s primary mission is to foster closer ties between WSU Tri-Cities, its alumni, plus the community, region and state. The Advisory Council meets monthly, coordinated through the Office of the Chancellor.

Business Advisory Council

The Advisory Council to the Carson College of Business at WSU Tri-Cities, is comprised of business leaders who work directly with the faculty and students. The campus benefits from their knowledge expertise, and dedication.

Chancellor's Leadership Council

The Chancellor’s Leadership Council was formed to ensure better communication among campus constituencies and to aid in enhancing the shared governance process. The Council will problem-solve various initiatives, engage in strategic planning, and offer input regarding the approval and implementation of policies and procedures.

Resident Faculty Organization (RFO)

The Resident Faculty Organization (RFO) is a campus governing body for all resident faculty members. The RFO Leadership works closely with the Chancellor and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs to advance the academic mission and advocate for faculty.

Campus Directors

Campus directors are seniors leaders from across the campus that report to the Chancellor and Vice-Chancellors. Their function is to manage campus programs, engage faculty, staff and students and oversee the efficient operation of the campus.


Campus Directors
photo of Robert Bauman
Robert BaumanProfessor, Department of HistoryCIC202F
Aaron Brumbaugh
Aaron BrumbaughCampus Chief Information OfficerCIC 225D
Robert Harrington
Robert HarringtonProfessor, Hospitality Business ManagementFloyd 207R
photo of Thomas Henick-Kling
Thomas Henick-KlingProfessor, Viticulture & Enology (Wine Science)WSC 248E
scott hudson
Scott HudsonProfessor, Electrical EngineeringTFLO 134K
Michael Mays
Michael MaysProfessor, Department of EnglishCIC 125C
Judy Morrison
Judy MorrisonProfessor and Academic Director of Education; Associate Vice Chancellor for ResearchFloyd 207U
Damien Sinnott
Damien SinnottInterim Vice ChancellorEast 241
photo of John Mancinelli
John MancinelliField Services DirectorFloyd 207O
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