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Office of the Campus Registrar

Common Forms for Records & Enrollment

The Campus Registrar’s Office at Washington State University Tri-Cities serves as the custodian of student academic records. The forms and resources below will help guide you in taking the necessary steps to support your students as they manage their enrollment and academic plan.

Contact the Registrar’s Office if you are unable to download any PDF documents.

Faculty and Departments

Curriculum Change Forms and Instructions

Enrollment Request Form

Grades – Instructions for submission of midterm and final grades.

Graduate Student Petition Form

Incomplete Grade Agreement (PDF)

Request for Student Record Data – This form is your request for student information that cannot be obtained by your organization or department from the Student Data Warehouse. It may take up to two (2) weeks to get the requested information back to you, depending on available resources.

RONet Home Page – Registrar’s Office Network

Request Grade Update (RGU) Form – Change of Grade

Tuition Waiver Registration Forms

State Employee Tuition Waiver Request: Submit this online form to request enrollment using the state employee tuition waiver. For Fall and Spring semesters only.

IMPORTANT! We can enroll students using this benefit starting on the first day of instruction. Since students can’t access Canvas until they are enrolled, we encourage them to contact instructors directly for course material and/or Zoom links.

ETW Application Dates

  • Fall: August 1 through 10th day of classes
  • Spring: December 15 through 10th day of classes

You will receive the error message “The form you are attempting to access is no longer active” when the form is not active. The form is only active during the dates listed above.

Summer Educational Benefit Request: Submit this online form to request enrollment using the WSU employee tuition waiver for Summer. For more detailed information on allowed courses and employee eligibility, please visit the Registrar’s Employee Tuition Waiver page, as well as the Summer Educational Benefits page of the Business Policies and Procedures Manual.

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