International Programs

Experience the World

International Programs at Washington State University Tri-Cities endeavors to create opportunities for our students to travel the world, experience new cultures, and enhance their education through international experiences. We are also dedicated to building a strong and inclusive community for our international students on campus, helping them thrive in their studies and life here at WSU Tri-Cities.

Education Abroad

Study Abroad will transform your college experience, future career, and life. Students who travel learn about themselves, broaden their worldview, and learn how to approach problem-solving from different perspectives. Whether you go for a week, summer, or semester, you will gain confidence, empathy, and cultural awareness, all of which will inform your academic experience and prepare you to enter an increasingly globalized workforce.

International Admissions

WSU Tri-Cities is the most diverse WSU campus and has countless opportunities for international students. With an engaging and hands-on learning approach, personalized education, welcoming community, renowned faculty and staff, and state-of-the-art research facilities, we are an excellent destination for your studies in the United States.


Meet Kenny Nyirenda, a Fulbright scholar, who is using his education to bring clean water to Zambia.

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