Andrew Porter in Swizterland on study abroad

Study Abroad

Where In The World Will WSU Tri-Cities Take You?

The answer depends on where you want to go – no matter where it is, we have a way to get you there.

Study abroad will transform your college experience, your future career, and your life. Students who travel learn about themselves, broaden their worldview, and learn how to approach problems solving from different perspectives.  Whether you go for a week, a summer, or a semester you will gain confidence, empathy, and cultural awareness, all of which will inform your academic experience and prepare you to enter an increasingly globalized workforce.

It’s never too early to plan your study abroad.

Meet Kim

Education major, Kim Moon says of study abroad experience in Nishinomiya, Japan: “Just do it! I know that sounds cheesy, but sometimes you just got to put yourself out there and experience things that you have never done before. I was nervous and almost didn’t get on the plane to leave, but trust me you won’t regret it! When you get there, explore, try new things (food and activities), ask questions. You may never get this chance again so do everything and find as many ways to experience the new culture you are in authentically.”

Kim Moon

Start Your International Journey

Ramon Hernandez

Meet Ramon

Psychology major Ramon Hernandez says of his study abroad experience in La Ciudad Blanca Merida, Mexico: “I learned an incredible amount of things during my time abroad, about myself and about how the world works. Being raised in my Mexican culture did help a little to prepare me for the change but once I arrived I quickly realized the difference between being a Mexican-American and being a Mexican national. My year abroad opened my eyes to different possibilities and the diverse array of people and ideas you find in across the globe.”

Application Phases


  • Create an application by logging onto MyStudyAbroad
  • Search for your chosen program and click “Apply Now”
  • Submit or upload the required documents
  • Please note that the Course Pre-Approval Form, the Program Acceptance Letter, and the copy of your valid passport can be submitted during the “Committed Phase”


  • Signature documents
  • Questionnaires
  • BEGIN working on the Course or Internship Pre-Approval Form

Withdrawal Policy

You can withdraw your application online with no penalty PRIOR to the application deadline and BEFORE you commit to your program.


  • After you have completed the items required in the Application Phase, your conduct record and GPA will be checked, and your application will be reviewed
  • You will either be accepted or asked to complete further steps
  • Once accepted, you will need to decline or commit to your program


  • Signature documents
  • Questionnaires
  • Continue working on the Course or Internship Pre- Approval Form

Withdrawal Policy

You can withdraw your application online with no penalty PRIOR to the application deadline.


  • Once you commit, your application will be processed by the Global Learning Department
  • You MUST complete any remaining application items at this phase
  • Application and international health insurance fees will be charged to your student account


  • Signature document
  • Questionnaires
  • Self-Assessment Medical Form
  • Upload copy of valid passport
  • Copy of Acceptance Letter
  • Course/Internship Pre-Approval Form

Withdrawal Policy

  • You can no longer withdraw your application online without penalty AFTER you commit to your program AND the deadline passes.
  • To withdraw, please contact the Global Learning Department.
  • No application fee will be incurred IF you withdraw BEFORE the deadline.


The Global Learning Department will enroll you in EA 300 placeholder credits
Program fees may appear on your student account if you are participating in a Faculty-Led program or exchange
The Global Learning Department will supply your Program Expense Form to the Financial Aid Office (if applicable)


You will be notified of the MANDATORY Pre-Departure Orientation

Withdrawal Policy

You can no longer withdraw your application online. To withdraw, please contact the Global Learning Department. You will be responsible for the application fee and international health insurance AFTER the deadline has passed.

Application Deadlines

Application TypeFall & Academic YearSpring & Calendar YearSummer
Faculty-led Programs (only 1 application required)April 1October 15 (spring)
November 1 (spring break)
February 1
ISEP Exchange ProgramFebruary 1September 1February 1
Exchange ProgramsMarch 1October 1March 1
WSU Provider ProgramsMay 1November 1April 1
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