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Quality and Commitment

WSU Tri-Cities is a campus of Washington State University, which shares one central administration and one faculty. The campus strongly values diversity among its faculty, staff and students. As a campus of a land-grant institution, WSU Tri-Cities is committed to excellence in research, learning, and outreach to all constituents.

Judy Morrison, Ph.D.

Academic Director, Education
Associate Professor, Science Education
Office: West 207U
Phone: 509-372-7176

Judy Morrison (1999), Associate Professor, received her Ph.D. in Science Education and Integrated Science from Oregon State University. Dr. Morrison came from Oregon State University where she joined WSU Tri-Cities, first as an adjunct, and then as Assistant Professor in 2003. Her research interests are partnerships between science teachers and scientists, and professional development of science teachers.


Yuliya Ardasheva, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, ESL/Bilingual Education
Office: West 207S
Phone: 509-372-7501

Yuliya Ardasheva, Assistant Professor, received her Ph.D. in Curriculum and Instruction with specialization in TESOL from the University of Louisville in 2010. Her research interests include contributions of individual differences to second language development and on the interplay between second language and academic development.


Kathleen Cowin, Ed.D.

Clinical Associate Professor, Educational Leadership
Office: West 207X
Phone: 509-372-7107

Kathleen Cowin (2006), Clinical Associate Professor, received her Ed.D. in Educational Leadership from Seattle University. Dr. Cowin joined the WSU Tri-Cities faculty from Oregon State University. Her research interests include reflective practice, and the formation of mentoring relationships between educational leader candidates and their mentors.


Jonah Firestone, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, Teaching & Learning
Office: West 207C
Phone: 509-372-7198

Jonah Firestone (2011) holds a Ph.D. Curriculum and Instruction in Science Education with a specialization in Geology Education from Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College, Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ. His research examines the Social Norms of Education on Beginning Science Teachers’ Understanding.


Yun-Ju Hsiao, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, Special Education
Office: West 207V
Phone: 509-372-7505

Yun-Ju Hsiao (2013), Assistant Professor, received her Ph.D. in Special Education from University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Her areas of research interest include autism spectrum disorder, emotional and behavioral disorder, early childhood special education, and culturally responsive teaching preparation and practices in special education.


Eric Johnson, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, ELL/Bilingual Education
Office: West 207W
Phone: 509-372-7304

Eric Johnson (2008) received his Ph.D. in Sociocultural/Linguistic Anthropology from Arizona State University. His key areas of research interest include language policy and immersion programs.

Moscatelli Head Shot Edited.jpg

Maria Moscatelli, Ph.D.

Director of Field Services & Teacher Professional Certification
Clinical Assistant Professor, Teaching & Learning
Office: West 207V
Phone: 509-372-7186

Maria Moscatelli (2008) received her Ph.D. in Teaching and Learning from Washington State University. She came to WSU Tri-Cities in 2009 from teaching and administration in the K-12 public education system. Dr. Moscatelli oversees the practicum program and Professional Certification for teachers.


Sarah Newcomer, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, Teaching & Learning
Office: West 207Y
Phone: 509-372-7170

Sarah Newcomer (2012) received her Ph.D. in Curriculum and Instruction with an emphasis in Language and Literacy from Arizona State University in Tempe. Dr. Newcomer joined WSU Tri-Cities in 2012. Her research interests include language policy and policy negotiation, school-family-community relationships and school community agency, and language and literacy education, particularly for culturally and linguistically diverse students.


Sara Sorensen Petersen, J.D.

Clinical Assistant Professor, Special Education
Office: West 207K
Phone: 509-372-7395

Sara Sorensen Petersen (2001) received her J.D. from University of Oregon School of Law with an emphasis in special education law and alternative dispute resolution. She has received training in mediation practices from the King County Dispute Resolution Center in Seattle and the Center for Dialogue and Resolution in Eugene, OR. Petersen relocated to the Tri-Cities area in 2001 and began at WSU Tri-Cities in 2002 as an adjunct, and more recently as an Assistant Clinical faculty member. Her scholarship interests are focused on practitioner needs, autism, special education law and policy, and IEP compliance issues.


Amy Roth-McDuffie, Ph.D.

Professor, Math Education
Office: West 207T
Phone: 509-372-7384

Amy Roth-McDuffie (1998) received her Ph.D. in Mathematics Education from University of Maryland. Dr. Roth-McDuffie came to WSU Tri-Cities after completing her Ph.D. in 1998. Her research interests include professional learning and development for prospective and practicing teachers in the teaching and learning of mathematics with a focus on diverse students and equitable instructional practices.


Helen Berry, Program Coordinator

Office: West 207A
Phone: 509-372-7394

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