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Endorsement in Elementary Education – Expand Your Skill-Set

In addition to being certified, teachers must hold an endorsement in a teaching subject approved by Washington state.

For our students who plan to teach K-8, they will pursue an endorsement in elementary education. These students must also choose one of the following add-on endorsements:

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Teachers wishing to add an endorsement through WSU can complete classes as either a graduate student or non-degree student (non-degree seeking post-baccalaureate students are not eligible for Financial Aid).

To take courses as a non-degree student, you must apply for undergraduate admission.

To apply as a graduate student, you must apply to the WSU Graduate School and select the Tri-Cities campus.

Once you’re admitted you will complete an add-on endorsement application packet that includes:

  • Completed Add-On Endorsement application
  • Copy of a valid teaching certificate
  • Official transcripts from each institution attended (except WSU)
  • Completed Self-Evaluation Worksheet if you have taken any courses you believe will count toward the endorsement you are pursuing
  • A $50 check payable to WSU for evaluation verification/application fee (not required if applying as a graduate student)

Send these materials to Niamh O’Leary at

After you complete the required course work, you must apply to add the endorsement to a valid Washington certificate.

Once you have submitted your completed application, your name will be forwarded to the Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI) for a new certificate. In the interim, you will receive a temporary 180-day permit with the new endorsement.

Certified teachers who are interested in adding an endorsement to their current Washington certificate through Washington State University (WSU) will need to complete a Self-Evaluation Endorsement Worksheet.

Choose the worksheet for your chosen endorsement area. On the worksheet, list the courses you have taken that you believe are equivalent to WSU’s requirements. If possible, submit a course description (from the college/university catalog), a syllabus, or additional documentation.

Once you have completed the Self-Evaluation Worksheet, you will submit it with your Add-On Endorsement application to Niamh O’Leary ( A WSU representative will review your transcripts and determine if the courses you listed are acceptable.

If you disagree with the evaluation you will need to provide additional documentation from the college/university catalog or a syllabus for review.

All courses used for endorsement purposes must be completed at a regionally accredited college/university with a “C” (2.0) or higher. If you would like to take a required course from an institution other than WSU, you will need to receive WSU approval PRIOR to taking the course.

Credits toward an add-on endorsement can be earned at either the undergraduate or graduate level. View current tuition and fee costs. Although non-degree seeking post-baccalaureate students are not eligible for financial aid, there are several state and federal programs available for teachers in certain high need areas (i.e., special education, math, science, etc.).

  • The Professional Educator Standards Board offers an Educator Retooling Program to support teachers who wish to add endorsements in high need areas. WSU students planning to apply for the Educator Retooling Program must complete a program of study.
  • Conditional Scholarship and Loan Repayment Programs are designed to encourage outstanding students and paraprofessionals to become teachers, and encourage current teachers to obtain additional endorsements in teacher shortage subjects.
  • The U.S. Department of Education offers programs through which qualifying teachers may have their student loans forgiven or cancelled. Visit the Federal Student Aid webpage for more information.
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