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The faculty and staff of the College of Education are invested in the learning experience and keep students at the forefront of all their day-to-day activities. Contact us with any questions.

Judy Morrison
Judy MorrisonAssociate Professor, Teaching & LearningFloyd 207U509-372-7176
Helen Berry
Helen BerryAcademic Support Staff, College of EducationFloyd 207A509-372-7394
photo of Lindsay Lightner
Lindsay LightnerCoordinator, College of EducationFloyd 207M509-372-7366
Sara Sorensen Petersen
Sara PetersenClinical Assistant Professor, Special EducationFloyd 207K509-372-7395
Kathleen Cowin
Kathleen CowinClinical Associate Professor, Ed LeadershipFloyd 207X509-372-7107
Maria Moscatelli
Maria MoscatelliClinical Assistant Professor, Teaching & LearningFloyd 207V509-372-7186
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