Field Experiences Support Page

WSU Tri-Cities prepares teacher-candidates for work in public or private settings.  Integral to this preparation is hands-on learning experiences through our field-study aligned to both traditional and alternative routes to certification.


Fall 2020 Semester COVID19 Accommodations

The information provided on this web page is intended to help our students, master teachers, and field supervisors in the normal teacher certification process.  Because COVID19 Safety protocols impact both the work-place and WSU Tri-Cities campus, processes, deadlines, and requirements may change.  To assist, updates are provided on the Blackboard® site for TCH_LRN 415.  You can also contact:

Alternate Route Program Students

Lindsay Lightner (

MIT/Traditional Program Students

Dr. Maria Moscatelli (
Clinical Assistant Professor

Tri-Cities Specific Information

General Information and Resources

  • Brochure

Placement Request Forms

When you complete the following forms, you will need to include a current resume and biographical page.

End-of-Semester Documentation

All forms are required for completion of all field experience.

Advanced Practicum (MIT 571 or TCHLRN 490) ONLY

  • PDEFE Mid-term and Final

PDEFE Formative Tool

For advanced practicum and student teachers.


Pre-residency Clearance

Finger print Clearance

Liability Insurance

Petition to Student Teach

Due August 2nd or January 2nd. If unsuccessful at passing the WEST-E you must petition to Student Teach by the same deadline.

General Information

  • Brochure

Required Forms

All forms requiring mentor teacher signature.  All due by the Tuesday in finals week.

Early Field Experiences (TCHLRN 402, 401, 405, 590, SPED 490)

Advanced Pracitcum (MIT 571 or TCHLRN 490)

Alternate Route

Test links for alternative route

Student Teaching

Required paperwork for teacher-candidate signatures.

  • Packet

PDEFE Formative Tool

Provided to help document completion of the Professional Disposition Evaluation for Field Experiences (PDEFE)

  • PDEFE formative tool (optional)

New Hire and Human Resources/Payroll Information


  • Brochure

Required Forms

All forms requiring field supervisor signature. All due by the Tuesday in finals week.

Early Field Experiences (TCHLRN 402, 401, 405, 590, SPED 490)

Advanced Practicum (MIT 571 or TCHLRN 490)


Midterm Checks

Submit the following to Dr. Moscatelli ( Due no later than March 15th or October 15th.

Student Teaching

  • PDEFE (Supervisor, Mentor, Teacher-Candidate signatures required)

Advanced Practicum (MIT571 and TCH_LRN490)

All other practicum (not student teaching)