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The Department of Teaching and Learning at Washington State University Tri-Cities offers a variety of graduate degree programs. The education curriculum provides the skills and knowledge needed to run a classroom, a school, or a district.

Whether you’re working toward a bachelor’s degree or focusing on an advanced degree, you’ll find dynamic and engaging classroom and research experiences with faculty who are invested in your success.

Degrees and Certificates

Curriculum and Instruction, Ed.M.

The Curriculum and Instruction specialization offers students rigorous and individually tailored programs of study. The Ed.M. degree program is designed for students with bachelor degrees who have an interest in deepening their knowledge in a specific content area (in or outside the College of Education) as well as educational research in curriculum and instruction. The master’s degree programs also emphasize applying research, theory, and evidence-based practices to improve education. This specialization is designed especially for teachers who wish to take courses in their teaching field as well as advanced coursework in teaching and learning.

The required coursework emphasizes both theoretical and practical issues in K-12 curriculum and instruction. The specialization in Curriculum and Instruction does not lead to an endorsement.

Educational Leadership, Ed.D. and Ph.D.*

The Statewide Doctor of Education (Ed.D.) program is designed as a modified cohort-based program, offered through all WSU campuses. Students in all regions of the state follow the same application process for admission; once admitted, students may access course offerings and advisement through any of WSU’s campuses. Courses are sequenced to allow students at all campuses to complete program requirements within a four-year time frame (contingent upon successful completion of dissertation research).

In addition to program offerings at the regional campuses, students attend two-week summer institutes at the Pullman campus for two consecutive summers. The purpose of the summer institutes is to build a learning community and support network among the statewide cohort, and to form inquiry groups that will focus dissertation research on common problems of leadership for school improvement.

* The Ed.D. program is officially offered through the Pullman campus, although students may complete all of their degree requirements on the Tri-Cities campus. Students interested must apply to WSU Pullman to be accepted.

* The Ph.D. program is officially offered through the Pullman campus, although students may complete most of their degree requirements on the Tri-Cities campus. Students interested must apply to WSU Pullman to be accepted.

Prospective students are encouraged to contact the department about the availability of coursework, research, and faculty advisors at the Tri-Cities campus.

Literacy Education, Ed.M.

The Ed.M. degree with a specialization in Literacy Education is an innovative program for teachers seeking to add a reading endorsement to their certificate or to deepen their research-based knowledge to inform their teaching. Teachers can choose a broad program that focuses on the breadth of the language arts with courses in reading, writing, and children’s and young adult literature; or they can choose a narrower focus with courses primarily in reading or children’s and young adult literature.

Mathematics and Science Education, Ph.D.*

The Ph.D. in Mathematics and Science Education is designed to develop scholars capable of making important contributions to the research base, professional context, and learning environments related to mathematics and/or science education. Areas of emphases can include student learning, teacher education, professional development, curriculum, and technology throughout the PK-16 grade spectrum.

*The Ph.D. program is officially offered through the Pullman campus, although students may complete all of their degree requirements on the Tri-Cities campus. Students interested must apply to WSU Pullman to be accepted.

Teaching, Elementary Education, MIT - Coming Soon!

The Masters in Teaching with Certification in Elementary Education will be available soon.It has been approved through the University and is awaiting final approval from the State.

For more information about MIT-E, please contact:

Teaching, Secondary, MIT

The Master’s in Teaching is intended for those who possess a bachelor’s degree in a field other than education and is designed to prepare students to become effective elementary or secondary education teachers. This program of study leads to a master’s degree and a State of Washington elementary or secondary education teaching certificate.

All of the MIT programs are cohort-based, forming a supportive network. The program consists of a wide range of pedagogy course work. Depending on the student’s focus (elementary or secondary education), these courses may include literacy, social studies, science, math, reading, health, fitness, or fine arts methods. Students also study diversity in schools and society, educational technology, the social context of education, and research-based effective practices. When successfully completed, the MIT program results in a master’s degree and teacher certification. Therefore all MIT students complete both certification and graduate research courses.

All MIT students complete a research project and present the project results at the culmination of their program. The research projects are usually aimed at examining teaching and educational issues, with the focus on understanding the positive impact of education on student learning.

Students successfully completing the Master in Teaching Secondary Certification (MIT-S) program and meeting state requirements will receive a Washington State Residency Teacher Certificate with a Secondary (5-12) Endorsement and a Master’s degree. The overarching goal of the program is to create a collaborative environment that supports all students and offers a strong foundation for professional growth. The Master in Teaching Secondary Certification program is housed in the Department of Teaching and Learning (T&L) of the WSU Tri-Cities’ College of Education (COE).

Certificates and Add-On Endorsements

Add-On Endorsements:

  • Bilingual Education
  • English Language Learners
  • Middle Level Mathematics
  • Special Education


  • Principal and Program Certificate
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