Helpful Links

Non-Academic Resources

There are several local, regional, and national resources that are committed to supporting those who have served.

Medical/Mental Health

Veterans Affairs

Web Automated Verification of Enrollment (WAVE) — Don’t forget to verify your attendance at the end of each month.
Department of Veterans Affairs
Washington State Department of Veterans Affairs — Find out about statewide legislation that directly impacts veterans.
Spokane Veterans Outreach Center — Location and contact information.
Yakima Outpatient Clinic — Location and contact information.
Make the Connection — Shared experiences and support for Veterans

Military Transcripts

AARTS (Army ACE Registry Transcript System) — For Active Duty Army, Reserve, and Army National Guard members.
SMART (Sailor/Marine ACE Registry Transcript) — For Active Duty Navy & Marine Corps, and Reserve Navy & Marine Corps members.
Coast Guard Institute — For Coast Guard members.

Financial Assistance

WSU Tri-Cities Student Financial Services — You may qualify for a scholarship or a grant!
Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) — A very important piece of the financial aid puzzle.
Fast Web Scholarships — Search for thousands of scholarships throughout the country.
Student Veterans of America scholarships
National Resource Directory – Many scholarships for Veterans, military members, dependents, and spouses featured.
American Legion scholarships


Associated Students of Washington State University Tri-Cities (ASWSUTC) — Find which students are representing you.
Troops to Teachers — From the Department of Education.
Adopt a Platoon — A truly unique endeavor.
WSU Career Services — Find a job on campus or elsewhere.
Wounded Warrior Project — Raising awareness for the needs of injured service members, helping injured service members aid and assist each other, and providing unique, direct programs and services to meet the needs of injured service members.
Reduced Hunting & Fishing licenses (WA Department of Fish & Wildlife)
Free Washington State Parks pass (WA State Parks & Recreation)  — For disabled veterans
Special License Plates (WA Department of Licensing)
Find VA locations – Search for a VA location or in-network community care provider

Additional Benefits to WA State Disabled Veterans

0 to 20%


  1. Home loan guarantee fee exemption if in receipt of compensation.
  2. Access to the VA Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment program (restrictions apply).
  3. VA Medical treatment for priority group 3 through 7.
  4. Service Disabled Veterans Insurance.
  5. Ten point Civil Service Preference (must be in receipt of compensation).
  6. Clothing allowance for veterans who require prosthetic or orthopedic applications; or require special skin medications.
10 to 20%

10% or higher

  1. Auditory and Optical examinations along with hearing aid and eyeglasses are provided at NO COST to the veteran.
30 to 40% (in addition to the above)

30%-40% (in addition to the above)

  1. Additional allowance for dependents.
  2. Additional allowance for a spouse who is in a nursing home or physically helpless or blind (requiring assistance of another person).
  3. VA Medical treatment for priority group 2.
  4. Non-competitive Federal employment.
50% (in addition to the above)

50% (in addition to the above)

  1. Entitlement to VA Medical treatment for any condition except dental.
  2. Entitlement to VA Medical treatment for priority 1.
60 to 90% (in addition to the above)

60%-90% (in addition to the above)

  1. Increased compensation based on Individual Unemployability.
  2. VA Medical treatment for priority group 1.
100% (in addition to the above)

100% (in addition to the above)

  1. Dental treatment.
  2. Waiver of National Service Life Insurance premiums.
  3. VA Medical treatment for priority group 1.
  4. Veterans employment preference to spouse.
  5. Department of Defense Commissary Privileges.
100% Total and Permanent (in addition to the above)

100% Total and Permanent (in addition to the above)

  1. Civilian Health and Medical Program for dependents and survivors.
  2. Survivors and Dependents Educational Assistance (Chapter 35).
  3. 100% tuition waiver for any WA college or university for dependents and survivors
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