Associated Students of

Washington State University Tri-Cities

Make an impact and get involved. The Associated Students of Washington State University Tri-Cities (ASWSUTC)

ASWSUTC stands for Associated Students of Washington State University Tri-Cities. ASWSUTC consists of 30 officers work between 8 to 25 hours a week to serve, represent, and advocate for the students. ASWSUTC has three main branches, Executive Branch, Legislative Branch, and Judicial Branch and two standing boards, Student Entertainment Board and Election Board. We all have a common mission which is representing students, make sure that their voices are heard and improve their experience on campus. We do that through events, programs, senate resolutions, and bills. ASWSUTC always looks for passion students who can help with this mission and reach out to other students, listen to their concerns, and be their liaisons. Our officers get to interact with WSU administration and community leaders as the students’ liaisons which improve their professional experience and help them in their future careers. Students can be part of ASWSUTC by applying to the current open positions or run for office during the General Election in February. The elected positions are, President, Vice-President, and Senators. All the other positions are appointed by the President, Vice-President and confirmed by the Senate. 

The presidential platform this year is Communication, Collaboration, and Development. Which means that our goals this year are to improve communication internally and externally and be transparent with students on what we do, collaborate with WSU departments and the community to benefit the students, and develop our campus by meeting students’ needs. Some of these developmental needs include a health clinic on campus, diversity center, and/or athletic facility. These developmental projects are currently being worked on and the students will have a say in what we do first.

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