Facilities Use Scheduling Procedures

Facilities Use Guidelines

  • The event scheduler in Facilities Services will process internal and external event requests. University events and those supporting the university mission will receive priority. All requests will be processed on a first-come, first-served basis. Requests for events beyond the current academic term will not be confirmed until after the 10th day of the term in which the event happens. Contact the event scheduler as early as possible to help ensure a successful event.
  • To request space, go to 25Live Pro.
  • All academic classes and labs are scheduled by the WSU Tri-Cities Registrar’s Office.
  • Non-university events involving personal or commercial gain, are generally prohibited except under limited circumstances and with the permission of the Chancellor or his/her designee
  • Spaces requested for weekends and off hours will require special permission from the requestor’s director and the facilities services director. The requestor will also be required to pay for any overtime expenses incurred by the university.
  • Groups are asked to comply with classroom etiquette by resetting classrooms back to their standard setup shown on diagrams posted in each room. This does not apply if arrangements have been made with Facilities to complete your event setup.
  • Reoccurring space requests may be limited to provide equitable usage for all.

Event Scheduling Priority

  1. All WSU Tri-Cities academic classes
  2. Academic classes offered by approved partnering institutions
  3. Institutional support to enhance operations of WSU Tri-Cities
  4. Internal events
  5. WSU-affiliated events not sponsored by a WSU Tri-Cities department
  6. Non-WSU-affiliated, nonprofit educational events

NOTE: Private, commercial and charitable use of campus event spaces are restricted as described by WAC 504-35-050.

Responsibilities of event requestor and sponsor

  • Will contact the event scheduler to arrange for any changes in event schedules and questions regarding facilities use.
  • Is responsible for understanding and complying with the WSU Tri-Cities Facilities Use Policy and Procedures and all university rules and regulations, particularly in the area of safety.
  • Must be present for the entire event and handle any issues that come up during the event.
  • Is required to make all arrangements for the event, including external vendors; and contacting all departments involved, including but not limited to IT/AV, Alumni and Community Engagement, and Marketing and Communications, as well as assigning appropriate Resources in 25Live to notify service providers for IT/AV, Campus Security, hanging of banners, and set-up requirements.
  • Must adhere to cash-handling policies and procedures established by the Office of Finance and Administration.
  • Is fiscally responsible for all related charges such as catering, rentals, additional security, speaker fees, property damage, etc.
  • Will be charged for any damage to the building or grounds beyond normal wear and tear.
  • Will ensure there is adequate lighting in the room and nothing is attached to doors or walls.

Responsibilities of event requestor and sponsor

Internal WSU Tri-Cities Events

    • Requestor reviews 25Live Pro to determine space availability for preferred and alternate dates and times.
    • Requestor submits a space request in 25Live Pro.
    • If space is available—it is reserved.
    • From this point on, the requestor is the first line of contact for the event.

External/WSU System Events

  • Requestor contacts event scheduler to determine space availability for preferred and alternate dates and times.
  • Requestor submits a Non-WSU Group Space Request form.
  • The event scheduler submits the request for administrative approval.
  • Once administration approves/denies request, the event scheduler notifies the requestor.
  • From this point on, the requestor is the first line of contact for the event.