Event Planning Tips

Don’t go it alone!

Join forces with another campus entity or create a committee to create a robust event.

Make your event welcoming

  • Include people of diverse backgrounds on your event-planning committee.
  • Before selecting the date of your event, consult the 25Live calendar, and research campus and community events for conflicts.
  • If serving food, consider the dietary limitations of your attendees (kosher, halal, vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, periods of fasting, etc.).
  • Have a plan to provide disability accommodations and language interpretation, if necessary. Be aware of how this will impact AV services. Build potential costs into your budget. For accommodations and services information, visit the Access Center.
  • Consider whether the content of your event is relevant to people of diverse backgrounds (race, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, immigration status, gender, age, etc.) and include speakers that represent a variety of diverse backgrounds.
  • Consider using a variety of presentation techniques to be inclusive of different learning needs and styles (visual, audio, hands-on, handouts, group discussion, interactive, etc.).

Thinking about renaming your event?

It’s a good idea if the title is confusing, but if you’re renaming an established event to do something “new”—think again. You’ll lose any recognition your event has generated. In that case, look to the next year or next time you plan this event.

Claire CoxAssistant to the Chancellor for Constituent Relations and CommunicationEast 229509-372-7444