Policy Considerations

 All events on WSU campuses are subject to WSU rules, policies, and procedures as well as the limitations and restriction imposed by state law.  Some of those rules, policies and procedures have already been mentioned previously.  Below you will find links to other policies and procedures that are most frequently involved when it comes to planning and hosting an event on campus:

  • If you are planning on having alcohol served at your event, you will need to comply with state regulations, obtain the appropriate license, and be aware of the limitations set forth in WSU Executive Policy #20.
  • If you are using WSU funds to support your event, there are several policies that contain limitations and restrictions on the use of those funds.
  • BPPM 70.03 outlines the allowable types of purchases by WSU funding type
  • BPPM 70.29 governs the purchase of alcohol with state funds
  • BPPM 70.30 governs the purchase of food with state funds and outlines when such purchases are appropriate and allowable.
  • The following food matrix is also illustrative with respect to the various requirements for paying for food with state funds.