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Information Technology Administrative Staff
Chris Meiers
Chris MeiersVice Chancellor for Student AffairsFloyd 269F509-372-7381Chief Information Officer
Aaron Brumbaugh - Staff Photo
Aaron BrumbaughDirector of Campus Information TechnologyFloyd 116509-372-7284
Computer Center
Stephen Fry
Steve FryInformation Technology, IT ProjectsCIC 225509-372-7355
Marshall Fryberger - Staff Photo
Marshall FrybergerInformation Technology, IT TechnicianCIC 225509-372-7334
Harley Lawrence
Harley LawrenceInformation Technology, IT TechnicianCIC 225509-372-7334
David Search
David SearchInformation Technology, System AdministratorCIC 225509-372-7334
Integrated Academic Technology
photo of David Fassler
David FasslerInformation Technology, IAT SupervisorFloyd 222509-372-7203
Brian Looney
Brian LooneyInformation Technology, IAT TechnicianFloyd 222509-372-7203
Tim Larreau
Tim LarreauInformation Technology, IAT TechnicianFloyd 222509-372-7203