25Live Pro Space Request Quick Guide

Sign in using your WSU network ID and password.

Super Tip: 25Live Pro may take you to wherever you were when you last signed in. Always go to “More” to find the menu (home, availability, etc.)

Check room availability in 25Live Pro.

Tip: In the Availability view, change the date as needed. In the first dropdown field, you may choose from “All rooms”; “Tri-Cities General Use Classrooms; “Computer Labs – Teaching;” etc., to narrow the results. Hover over a room name to see the features/description. Hover over an event to see details. Look at “Calendar” in “More” for an alternate view (top right hand corner). Remember, there needs to be 10 minutes of passing time between events. For example, if the prior event or class ends at 10 a.m., you will need to start your event at 10:10 a.m.

Create an event

Go to “Event Form” or “25Live Pro” in the top menu. If you clicked on “25Live Pro”, now click the blue “Create an Event” button (this will open the Event Wizard).

Tip: An event can also be created in an available time/space on the “Availability” view by hovering over the available time and clicking to open the Event Wizard.

Super Tip: Click the “i” (information) button on any field to find detailed instructions.

A. Enter an Event Name

Tip: This field is limited to 40 characters. I event is reoccurring you might consider adding the year, i.e. Crimson Fest 2020, SOAR Fall 2020)

B. Enter an Event Title

Tip: Copy and paste from the Event Name if it is the same. More characters are allowed in this field than in Event Name.

C. Choose an Event Type

Tip:  Be sure to ONLY choose an Event Type that begins with “25Live TriCities, unless you need videoconference services choose “25Live Meeting – Videoconference” or “25Live Academic Event – Video Conference”. RSO clubs should use “25L TriCities – Student Group Event.”

D. Choose your Organization

Tip: Start the organization search with “TRI”. Click the star to make your organization a favorite for next time. Student groups should use “TRI–RSO & club name” as the organization. Please do not use organizations that do not start with “TRI.”

E. Enter Expected Head Count

For videoconference requests, enter 1 as a place holder (number of attendees for each site will be added later).

F. Event Description

This description is for public viewing; enter public information about this event.

Tip: Do not put notes or requests for the Scheduler in this box; there will be a place for that later.

G. Choose the Date and Time for the event

Tip: Enter the actual event time. Do not include your pre-event or post-event time; you can do that below in Additional Time.

Tip: If your organization needs time before the event to decorate, meet with a speaker, etc., enter hours/minutes for pre-event or post-event time in the Additional Time section. The Events Scheduler will add time for Set-up/Take-down by Facilities staff.

If the event repeats, choose Repeating Pattern.

H. Find and select a Location

For best results, look for “Saved Searches” in the drop-down box. Choose “Tri-Cities–General Use Classrooms,” or “Tri-Cities –Conference Rooms,” etc. Or, clear the right-hand search box (X) and enter a building prefix (i.e., TBSL; TCIC; TEST; TFLO; TNRS; TSUB; TWSC; VC Room).

Remember, many spaces that are not “reservable” may appear with a general building search. Be careful to check (or uncheck) Hide Locations with Conflicts and/or Enforce Headcount to refine the search results. Use Saved Search for the best list of “requestable space”.

Click “Request” on an available space and the selected location will appear at the bottom of the list (choose the red “Remove” to unselect). You may choose more than one location, and if you have more than one date, you may assign locations to specific dates by clicking on the “View Occurrences” button.

For videoconference (Zoom) requests involving other WSU Sites, clear the right-hand search box (X) and enter “VC Room”, then “Request” the room. Do not add the room you that you would like, you will do this later in the “Comments” section.

Important Note 1: Requests for event space will not be confirmed until after the 10th day of the upcoming semester (academic scheduling gets priority until then). 

Important Note 2: The Scheduler may change the space assigned to allow passing time between events, to allow time for setup or reset, for appropriate room size, or for other scheduling considerations. Please do not publicize your event location until you have received a confirmation email; be sure to check your confirmation email for the final room assignment!

I. Find and select Resources

Resources are equipment, notifications and services not already in the requested space. If you need a check-in table, table cover, A/V equipment, tables or chairs arranged in a particular layout, etc., this is where you’ll add them (external requestors see the WSU Tri-Cities Event Price Guide for more information).

For best results, look for “Saved Searches” in the drop-down box and choose “Tri-Cities Resources.” Alternatively, clear the right box (X) and enter “Tri” to find Tri-Cities resources.

Click “Reserve” on all required resources and the selected item will appear at the bottom of the list (choose the red “Remove” to unselect).

In “View Occurrences” under the selected resource, increase the Quantity to desired count, if applicable, and add detailed set-up instructions to include how/where in the space you need the resources placed, or attach a detailed layout diagram.

Tip: If any food will be present you must add the “Tri – Food to Notify EH&S” resource. Add details in the “View Occurrences” instructions text box.

For videoconference (Zoom) requests involving other WSU sites, search for “VC Site.”

Click on “Reserve” for the sites you want to add. Add sites where you will need a room, where participants will be attending via desktop, and where participants outside of WSU will attend via Zoom (VC Site-Other). In “View Occurrences” under the selected site, add name, email and phone number of one participant, as well as number of expected attendees under quantity. Note: there may be more than one page of results for VC Site resources – click Next at the end of the list for more results.

For videoconference (Zoom) requests NOT involving other WSU sites, search for “Tri Zoom” Resource and click “Request”. In “View Occurrences” under the selected site, add the Zoom ID number and all other pertinent information.

Tip: You can “star” resources so they will be easier to find next time.

J. Attached Files

Attach any files that may be needed by or helpful to the Scheduler (layout diagram, event flyer, meeting agenda, etc.).

Tip: Do not attach confidential or sensitive documents.

K. Custom Attributes (Budget and Food)

Click on the “Select Custom Attributes” button.

If there will be any setup for the event, enter a budget number for event service charges.

If you plan to serve alcohol, please let us know by indicating “yes”.

If you are serving food, enter name of vendor/description (WSUTC Catering, caterer, buying food at a store, etc.).

Tip: If there is no special setup that would require a budget number and no food served, enter N/A.

Note: if this is a “25Live Meeting – Videoconference event,” there will be other attributes.

L. Comments

Enter information for the Scheduler regarding the event or setup. For videoconference (Zoom) requests involving other WSU Sites, enter your preferred location/room number.

Super Tip: Anywhere in the form, choose “Preview” (bottom right) to see what you’ve entered so far. Alternatively, you can jump to a section of the form by choosing the desired field in the left-side menu.

M. Affirmation

Review the affirmation, click “I agree” (if you agree) and SAVE.

Your event request is now in “draft” status and will be reviewed and confirmed by the Scheduler. The space is not confirmed until you receive an email confirmation. Double-check the room assignment in the email confirmation. You can still edit this event when it’s in “draft” status, but once set to tentative or confirmed, a Requestor can’t make changes in 25Live Pro. To make a change to a confirmed event, send an email to the Scheduler from the Event in 25Live.

Reminder: As noted in the affirmation, you will need to contact Catering and/or Marketing directly if you need their services for the event.

Events with multiple meetings

Under Date and Time, use the “Repeating Pattern” button. Select the pattern (ad hoc, weekly, etc.) and follow prompts to schedule repeat dates, or click on each date on the calendar below the “Repeating Pattern” button

New in 25Live Pro: different times can be scheduled for the same day or repeating events. Go to “View All Occurrences” under the calendar to adjust individual meeting times. To add additional times for the same day, click on the date on the calendar a second time. Go to “View Occurrences” under the location to adjust locations. Be aware that the same location may not be available for different meeting times of the same event.