Master Calendar

In order to create transparency and increase efficiency in sharing important events and deadlines with the campus community, the Office of the Chancellor is piloting a WSU Tri-Cities master calendar through our license with Microsoft Outlook Calendar.

Many events already live on your calendar and can be easily added as an all-campus event on the master calendar. This process allows you to “invite” the WSU Tri-Cities Master Calendar as an “attendee.”

The Outlook calendar is searchable and can be easily managed by the approved administrators and the Office of the Chancellor. Users can also attach emails, files and can include links to Zoom or websites. Users can also forward or copy information to their personal calendar without having to duplicate the information.

The new master calendar does not replace the following other campus calendars:

  • 25Live – the campus community will continue to utilize 25Live to book resources and spaces for events
  • WSU Tri-Cities website calendar – individuals should still submit requests to Marketing and Communication to get items added
  • Coug Presence – the master calendar is not meant for student-facing events that do not involve the rest of the campus

Items most appropriate for the master calendar are those that serve a cross-functional purpose and the information is suited for all students, faculty, and/or staff.

Sample events, activities, and deadlines for the calendar include:

  • Fiscal year dates and deadlines
  • Annual review cycle
  • Policy cycle
  • Holiday schedule
  • Leadership Council meetings
  • Advisory Council meetings
  • WSU system events
  • Faculty and staff events
  • Board of Regents
  • Campus-wide internal events

Complete information is required for the invitation including meeting subject, purpose, and audience. The calendar will be administered by the Office of the Chancellor. Outlook requires someone to “approve” the event for it to become public.

Helpful training materials in using the calendar
Training video
Written instructions