Academic Programs at WSU Tri-Cities College of Education

Field-Based Principal Preparation Program

Preparing leaders to improve student learning.

The field-based principal preparation program at WSU Tri-Cities offers aspiring school and district leaders the opportunity to acquire certification as a Washington state school administrator or program administrator. Participants in the principal preparation program may apply for state funds to support release time to complete their internships.

Unique program features include:

  • A professional learning community that promotes a collegial network for students during the program and beyond
  • A two-year model allows students to develop a thorough understanding of educational leadership practices
  • A 540-hour internship (as required by the state) reinforces classroom instruction and provides a practice-based introduction to leadership
  • All courses are taught by faculty with extensive professional experience who are recognized as leaders in the field of education
  • A cumulative portfolio allows participants to highlight the depth and breadth of their experience for potential employers

Core Courses

Students who enroll in the Principal Preparation Program complete six core courses. These courses include:

  • Leadership Development Seminar (EdAd 589): A broad-based introduction to leadership in education settings.
  • Financial Management (EdAd 585): An introduction to the fiscal responsibilities of educational leaders in Washington.
  • Education Law (EdAd 588): An introduction to the legal and procedural requirements that shape educational leadership in Washington.
  • Community & Communications (EdAd 583): An introduction to the community, cultural, and political dimensions of educational leadership with specific emphasis on issues of social justice.
  • Instructional Leadership (EdAd 516): An introduction to the responsibilities that educational leaders have to improve teaching and learning, with specific emphasis on teacher supervision.
  • Assessment of Learning (EdPsy 510): An introduction to data-informed leadership in K-12 settings, with specific emphasis on school improvement, data analysis, and data-driven decision-making.

The certification program closely aligns with the Master’s in Education (Ed.M.) so both can be completed within the two years. Credits earned in the certification program can be used on the master’s and some count toward the Statewide Doctor of Education.

Additional Information

Applications are accepted throughout the year. Please contact Helen Berry 509-372-7394 for additional information and application materials.

Note: Students who are enrolled only in the certification program are not eligible for Financial Aid. To be eligible for financial aid, students must also enroll in the Ed.M. (Masters) program.