WSU Tri-Cities Information Technology Computing and Networking

Initial Setup:

  1. Press the VoiceMail button on your phone or dial *97
  2. Enter you VoiceMail password and press #
  3. Press 0 then 3 to record your name (follow the voice prompts)
  4. Press 5 (or 0 then 5 from the main menu) to change your password (follow the voice prompts)

Online and Dial-In VoiceMail

To dial voicemail from off-campus call (509) 372-7005. You will be prompted to enter your 5-digit extension and your voicemail password.

On-line VoiceMail can only be accessed and managed while on campus or connected to the WSUTC VPN. For alternative off-campus access is available by using your WSUTC username and password. Login with your 5-digit extension and your VoiceMail password. The following options are available on the left side of the screen:

  • Voicemail: Allows you to listened to, download and manage voicemails via the web interface.
  • Phone Features: Allows you to change call forwarding and do-not-disturb options on the server. These changes are *not* reflected on the user interface of the phone.
  • Follow Me: If enabled this allows you to setup advanced call forwarding features.
  • Feature Codes: This gives you a list of features that are accessible by dialing the number for them from your phone.
  • Settings: This will allow you to change options on how you receive and access your voicemail.
    • Language: this will change the voicemail website to another language. It will *not* change the phone-based voicemail.
    • Password: This will allow you to change your voicemail password. Passwords must contain only digits.
    • Notification Settings: This will allow you to have your voicemail or voicemail notifications sent to your email account. Do not check delete voicemail unless you also check the option to attach the voicemail to email.
    • Web Playback: You can change the format of audio delivered to your email or downloaded with this option.
    • Playback Settings: These options apply to all new voicemail.

Full VoiceMail Menu Tree

  • 1. Listen to new/saved messages
    • 3. Advanced options
      • 1. Reply via voicemail (for internal calls)
      • 3. Play message envelope
      • 5. Leave a message for another mailbox
    • 4. Previous message
    • 5. Replay current message
    • 6. Next message
    • 7. Delete message
    • 8. Forward message to another mailbox
    • 9. Save message
  • 2. Change folders
  • 0. Mailbox Setup
    • 1. Record unavailable message (no answer message)
    • 2. Record busy message (on the phone message)
    • 3. Record your name (used for default messages and dial-by-name)
    • 4. Temporary greetings (vacation messages)
      • 1. Record temporary greeting
      • 2. Remove temporary greeting
    • 5. Change voicemail password
  • #. Exit voicemail and hang up. Can be used at any time.