The Undergraduate Research Symposium and Art Exhibition serves as an occasion where we can share the excellent undergraduate work produced at WSU Tri-Cities with our students, faculty, staff, administration, and community members.

Quick facts for Faculty

Why should you and your students participate?
  1. This is a chance to showcase your students’ undergraduate semester projects, independent research studies, service-learning projects, internship outcomes, and fine arts works.
  2. It’s an excellent opportunity for students to practice communicating their research, scholarship, and creative works to a varied audience.
  3. It’s a opportunity for faculty to highlight the high-impact practices utilized in their classes, such as collaborative projects, community-based learning, global learning, capstone projects, etc.
  4. Most importantly, it demonstrates how the Drive to 25 goals have been incorporated into undergraduate instruction.
Who can participate?
  1. This event is open to ALL students in undergraduate programs.
  2. Multiple poster sessions are encouraged for class participation.
When can you participate?
  1. This event is held each semester during finals week.
What are the benefits to participating?
  1. The Symposium serves as an occasion where we can share the excellent undergraduate work produced at WSU Tri-Cities with our students, faculty, staff, administration, and community members.

Faculty Registration Information

  • The Participation Estimate deadline has passed.  If you would like your course to participate, please contact Eadie Balint.
  • Instructors participating in the Symposium will also complete an online Course Registration Form provided via email for each coursebeing entered in the Symposium.
  • Faculty with more than one project are asked to divide projects across at least two sessions.
  • To avoid conflicts with other final exams, your students may have the option to sign up for a session that works best with their schedule.
  • Students presenting in multiple classes are highly encouraged to present on different days. However, if it is absolutely not possible due to conflicts, students should indicate they will be presenting two projects in one session on the Student Project Registration Form.  Note:  There is a two-project limit for the same session.
  • Instructors participating in the Symposium will also receive the link and access to the Student Registration Form for each of your course(s) through Qualtrics.
  • The information you submit will be used in the program brochure.
  • Course Registration Deadline: Wednesday, April 10th by 5 p.m.

Student Registration Information

  • Your Professor will provide you with the registration link for your course.
  • Before you get started with your registration, you will need to know:
    • Which session you are participating in (check with your instructor)
    • Project title
    • Names of all group members if presenting in a group (provide full names and correct spelling)
    • Group contact name and WSU email
    • If you require additional needs for your project (access to an electrical outlet, extension cord, additional space, outside space, etc.)
  • Once you have completed the Student Project Registration Form, your instructor will be able to view it.
  • The information you submit will be used in the program brochure so it is imperative that you ensure names are spelled correctly and project descriptions have been spell checked.
  • Student Project Registration Deadline: Wednesday, April 10th by 5 p.m.

Project & Art Displays

Accepted projects may include, but are not limited to, research projects, capstone projects, internship outcomes, artistic projects and other creative works.  If you are participating in conjunction with a course, your project will be determined by the instructor’s assignment.

If you have special needs (electricity, extension cords, additional space, outside space, etc.), you must indicate these on the Student Project Registration Form.


  • All poster presentations will be displayed in CIC 120.
  • Each project must be freestanding and displayed on a 3’x4’ tabletop space. Pinning or taping posters to walls or boards is not an option. Larger professional poster presentations (i.e., for 499 projects) may be accommodated, but instructors should contact the event coordinator for options and any special needs.
  • Projects should be presented on a tri-fold display board, however, other mediums may be used (a video or other artistic media).
  • Your display board should be polished and look professional. Ask your instructor for any discipline-specific tutorials or instructions for creating professional-looking poster presentations for this event.
  • If you plan to print your display board through the WSU Tri-Cities Copy Center and Mail Room, please be aware of the following:



  • All art projects will be displayed in CIC 102 Art Gallery unless special accommodations are made for engineering projects and/or other projects to be presented in CIC 120 or another requested location.
  • DTC/Fine Arts projects will be installed one to two days prior to their designated session and coordinated by your instructor and/or Sena Clara Creston.
  • Please direct questions about the installation process to Sena Clara Creston,


  • All participants assigned to CIC 120 will check-in and set-up from 9:30 to 11:30 a.m. the day of assigned session.
    • Projects with groups must designate at least one member of the group to check-in and set-up the display.
  • All participants assigned to CIC 102 Art Gallery should complete art installation one to two days prior to assigned session and should contact their instructor for details.
  • Displays must be ready by 11:30 a.m. with ALL presenters in CIC 120 and 102 in attendance before the session begins at noon.

Symposium Policies

The following rules and guidelines specify what an exhibitor can and cannot do with their display space and will help plan their display accordingly.  These rules and guidelines are based on the physical characteristics of the exhibit rooms, the intent to be equally fair to all exhibitors, and the safety of all concerned.

  • All project displays must be completely ready by 11:30 a.m. the day of assigned session.
  • Participants who have not checked in by 11:30 a.m. will be considered a no-show and the course instructor will be notified.
  • All displays must be removed from the exhibit room no later than 1:30 p.m. on the day of assigned session.
  • Students participating are required to be available to present their projects and answer questions during their session.
  • Be mindful to not invade or encroach on neighboring displays or space.
  • No obstruction may be placed in any aisle, passageways, lobby, exit, or impeding access to service or emergency equipment.
  • Nothing can be posted, tacked, nailed, or screwed to columns, walls, floors, or other parts of the building.


Session 1: Tuesday, April 30CIC 120
Session 2: Wednesday, May 1CIC 120
Session 3: Thursday, May 2CIC 120 and CIC 102 Art Gallery
Session 4: Friday, May 3CIC 120
Allison Matthews
Allison MatthewsClinical Associate Professor, PsychologyCIC 125B509-372-7146Undergraduate Research Symposium & Art Exhibition Coordinator
Sena Clara Creston
Sena Clara CrestonClinical Assistant Professor, Fine ArtsFloyd 102BA509-372-7419Art Installation Coordinator
Eadie Balint
Eadie BalintAcademic Support Staff, College of Arts & SciencesFloyd 263H509-372-7214