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To meet graduation requirements, all students must pass an approved English composition course. The placement exams are designed to help you fulfill these requirements by identifying the courses that best match your skills.

Writing Placement Process

You will compose two essays during a single, supervised session that asks students to address similar tasks to those they will encounter in university writing generally.

All WSU students must enter the Writing Placement Process for appropriate assignment to English 100, 101, 104, or 105. Please note that WSU does not accept outside scores for placement in writing courses.

Students who have received scores of 4 or above on the AP test in English will receive credit for English 101 and do not have to complete the Writing Placement Process.

A $40 testing fee will be billed to your student account.

Placement Categories

Depending on the results of the Writing Placement Process, students will be placed into different levels of English courses. The placement options include:

Exempt: Students who demonstrate a sophisticated knowledge of the characteristics of academic writing will receive three credits for taking English 101 and will satisfy one of the UCORE Written Communication [WRTG] requirements. (Score = 9)

English 100: Designed to introduce students to writing and reading in the university. (Score = 0)

English 101: This course provides instruction to develop students’ academic writing, critical thinking, rhetorical strategies, reading, and library skills. Successful completion of this course fulfills the [WRTG] credit. (Score = 1)

English 101 + 102: Placement into these concurrent courses indicates a level of readiness for academic writing, but also a need for structured assistance with at least two of the characteristics of academic writing (e.g. focus, organization, support, proofreading). The Writing Center administers English 102.

English 102 is a one-credit writing collaborative provided through the Writing Center. This course extends and enhances the writing experiences for students enrolled in English 101. (Score = 2)

Appeal Process

If you feel an error was made in the evaluation of your essays, you can request a review. If you are dissatisfied with your Writing Placement results, you are invited to resubmit the essays of the process once (by attending an in-person session or rescheduling an online session). You will be charged the Writing Placement Process fee. Both of these options need to be done within 120 days from the day that you originally submitted the Writing Placement Process essays. Contact Andrea Steinshouer for more information.

Tri-Cities Program Administrator

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