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The School of Engineering & Applied Sciences at WSU Tri-Cities prepares graduates for traditional and emerging careers. You will build upon your talents and interests, expand your preparation through hands-on learning in internships and class projects, and realize the impact of engineering and computer science in the advancement of societies.
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You will engage in an educational experience that is based in theoretical, experimental, and ethical knowledge and enhanced by research, international studies, and interdisciplinary activities.

All the Engineering and Computer Science programs at WSU Tri-Cities are accredited by the Computing and Engineering Commissions of ABET.


Whether you’re working toward a bachelor’s degree or focusing on an advanced degree, you’ll find dynamic and engaging classroom and research experiences with faculty who are invested in your success.

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SEAS Advising Gateway

We are enthusiastic about providing you, our students, with excellent service, including world-class online services at the SEAS Advising Gateway, a one-stop shop, as it were, for convenient advising resources. Pay it a visit! Whether you are an undergraduate or graduate student, transfer student or graduating senior you will receive superior academic advisement! Would you need to see an advisor in the School of Engineering & Applied Sciences? Then go ahead and make an appointment online. We all enjoy working with students, look forward to meeting with you, and wish you success!

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You may safeguard the world’s cyberspace with a cybersecurity-focused degree in Computer Science from Washington State University, in Tri-Cities’ School of Engineering & Applied Sciences! In the next five years, the State of Washington will hire five thousands cybersecurity specialists, with a salary range between $60,000 and $250,000 / year. For cybersecurity specialists, there will thus exist numerous employment opportunities in high-paying WA jobs.


International Programs

SEAS and VCEA students can also participate in education-abroad programs in world-class overseas universities in several continents, including Europe and Oceania,  that teach in English.  As Engineering and Computer Science graduates may be hired by multinational corporations, e.g. BMW, Boeing, and Microsoft, to name but a few, these graduates will benefit from international experiences, which enrich them professionally as well as personally. For more information, please communicate with the Associate Dean for International Programs.  These programs are available at the undergraduate and graduate level.

At the undergraduate level, students typically complete one semester overseas, taking classes and / or completing projects. They then transfer their credits to WSU.

At the graduate level, an International Double Master’s Degree program, the only one of its kind in WA, is also available in Computer Science as well as Electrical and Mechanical Engineering in collaboration with Switzerland’s Zurich University of Applied Sciences (ZHAW). Graduating globally-educated professionals for leadership in multinational corporations and without any increase in the normal graduate tuition, this program engages students in Switzerland, for one year, and in the U.S. for another year, and awards two Master’s degrees, from WSU and ZHAW.



WSU Tri-Cities is creating a MakerSpace where students, faculty, and community members can come together to network and learn through hands-on projects and designs. Students will have access to the tools, ideas, and mentors to put their designs to the test. If they can imagine it, we’ll provide the space for them to make it. Do you have ideas for a project or recommendations on how we can best develop the space? Let us know!


Pacific Northwest Supercomputing Center (PNSC)

Washington State University is leading the establishment of the Pacific Northwest Supercomputing Center (PNSC) to advance and ultimately define research and education in high-performance simulation and data‐intensive computing. We will expand undergraduate and graduate programs and curricula through high-performance simulation and data‐intensive computing, catalyze new collaborative partnerships, incubate multi-disciplinary initiatives and programs, and capture emerging funding opportunities.


Scientific & Engineering Computing Collaborative (SEC2)

The Scientific & Engineering Computing Collaborative (SEC2) is a multi-disciplinary institute that leads the application of High-Performance Computing throughout the educational and research programs at WSU Tri-Cities. SEC2 collaborates with the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) and is guided by a compelling vision and an ambitious mission.

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