College of Arts and Sciences


Our majors and courses are cross disciplinary.  Students learn to use tools from different disciplines to help them understand the world around them.

Hands-on Learning
From science labs to internships and practicums to the campus Undergraduate Research Symposium, the College of Arts and Sciences provides students with hands-on, real world learning opportunities.

Community Based and Globally Engaged
Our faculty are engaged in community-based research that connects with global issues and is internationally recognized.


Discover the world in the College of Arts and Sciences!  We are the foundation to your education at WSU Tri-Cities.  The College of Arts and Sciences at WSU Tri-Cities provides opportunities for you to explore the world in programs ranging from Biology to Fine Arts, from Environmental and Ecosystem Sciences to Digital Technology and Culture, from Chemistry to History.  We are the place where students learn about the region in which they live – its natural beauty, its dynamic and complicated history, and its scientific wonders.

The College of Arts and Sciences is the place to learn about the science, history and social impact of our two current most important social crises – global pandemics and systemic racial inequalities. In the College of Arts and Sciences, we aspire towards a more equitable and just society through our research, our teaching and our service. Choosing a major in the College of Arts and Sciences will engage you with broad ideas and big questions and provide the critical thinking and communication skills to prepare you for the opportunities and challenges of our diverse and evolving community and world.


Get to know your fellow Cougs!

Robin Kovis

History Major
ASWSUTC President

I was born in Yakima, Washington, and have lived in Eastern Washington most of my life. I graduated from Chiawana High School in 2011 and enlisted in the United States Marine Corps that same year. From 2011 to 2017, I served as a Scout Sniper and Infantryman, deploying to Afghanistan, Iraq, and the Republic of Georgia. Following my honorable discharge and one year at Columbia Basin College, I transferred to WSU Tri-Cities in 2018.

Since enrolling at WSU Tri-Cities, I have been heavily involved in our student government, and I currently serve as the organization’s President. I’m also the Captain of Men’s Club Rugby, and I am an active member of the History Club and Veterans Club. After I graduate in May 2021, I plan to attend law school. The education I have received at WSU Tri-Cities has given me an excellent foundation for my future studies. The WSU College of Arts and Sciences delivers top-notch instruction on a wide range of topics, and they always promote an inclusive learning environment.

Stephanie Warner

Biology Major
ASWSUTC Vice President

My name is Stephanie Warner and I am going into my senior year at WSU Tri-Cities. Being a transfer student, this senior year will be only my second year here, but this school has already given me so much opportunity. Within the first week. I was hired on as a Student Coordinator for the MOSAIC Center for Student Inclusion, as well as ASWSUTC as a Judicial Board Member.

Here at WSU Tri-Cities, I have found that both the faculty and staff are constantly trying to help you succeed through resources available and giving you their time. I have found myself grow tremendously academically and professionally at this institution, till now I am ASWSUTC’s Vice-President advocating for the students with only opportunity ahead of me. Go Cougs!


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