Exam Proctoring

WSU Tri-Cities Testing Center

The Testing Center at WSU Tri-Cities provides an alternative testing environment to help meet the needs of students to support their academic success. The Testing Center is free for all WSU students for the 2022-2023 academic year. Students attending another educational organization are able use the testing center and have proctoring services for a small fee.


Monday – Friday
9 a.m. – Noon | 1 p.m. – 5 p.m.


CIC 101R (Learning Commons)

WSU Tri-Cities instructors and students

Instructor Online Proctoring Request

Provide at least three business days before exam is scheduled in your classroom.

Important information the Testing/Proctoring Center needs to know to schedule exam with each one of your students:

  • Exam name and type of exam
  • Course ID, your name and contact information
  • Student(s) name(s) and WSU email address(es)
  • Earliest date student(s) can take the exam
  • Last date student(s) can take the exam
  • Number of minutes allowed to complete the exam (without any testing accommodation conversions – the testing center will take care of that)
  • How will you provide the exam and when will you provide the exam (24 hours in advance is very helpful)
  • Authorized resources student(s) can use during exam
  • How the instructor wants the exam sent back (scanned and emailed, campus mail system, or instructor picks up exam in person)

Student Online Scheduling Request

Provide at least three business days before the exam is scheduled for your class.

Be prepared to provide the following information in order that your exam can be included with other exams scheduled for proctoring:

  • Student name, ID # and contact information (including WSU email address)
  • Complete course information, including instructor’s name and time allotted for the exam
  • Reason why you are scheduling the exam
  • Days available to schedule exam and blocks of time available on those days

When you arrive at the Testing Center to complete your exam, be prepared to:

  • Arrive early to allow time to check in.
  • Provide your photo ID for verification purposes.
  • Devices are silenced, and belongings will be placed on a shelf near the proctor.
  • Once the exam is started, you will not be able to leave the testing area.
  • The Testing Center will have notes for anyone who has accommodations.
  • Late arrivals may be required to work with their instructor to reschedule the exam.

Attending WSU Global or another educational organization?

WSU Global

Using the WSU Tri-Cities Testing Center as an On-Site Proctor for WSU Global campus courses:

  1. Global Campus courses may require exam proctoring. To find out if your Global Campus course requires proctoring, visit the “More Information” page for your course. The “More Information” page can be accessed through myWSU. In myWSU, navigate to the Class Details/Notes section for the course, where the web address for the page will be listed. Copy the web address and paste it in your browser.
  2. If your course indicates that your exam can be supervised by an on-site proctor, you may complete your exam at the WSU Tri-Cities Testing Center.  However, before you can take your exam at the Tri-Cities Testing Center you MUST go to the Global Campus Proctoring Services (GCPS) website to request the WSU Tri-Cities Testing Center as the on-site proctor for your exam. Once the Tri-Cities Testing Center has been requested and approved, GCPS will provide the WSU Tri-Cities Testing Center with the exam materials and instructions. To learn more about how to request WSU Tri-Cities Testing Center, please review the instructions on the GCPS website about how to Request My Proctor.
  3. Once you have gone through the requesting and approval process with GCPS, it is your responsibility to make an appointment to take your exam with the WSU Tri-Cities Testing Center. You can schedule an appointment by emailing tricities.testingcenter@wsu.edu or calling 509-372-7191.

Additional information regarding on-site proctoring for Global Campus courses can be found on the GCPS Website, On-Site Proctoring. For questions regarding the Global Campus process, please visit GCPS, Contact GCPS.

Other Institution

Please send an email to tricities.testingcenter@wsu.edu requesting information regarding WSU Tri-Cities Testing Center Proctoring Services with the following information:

  • Requestor’s name
  • Education organization
  • Requestor’s email address
  • Requestor’s phone number

Additionally, provide your education organization with the following WSU Tri-Cities Testing Center contact information:

WSU Tri-Cities
Attn: Testing Center
Richland, WA 99354

The education organization will be responsible to contact the WSU Tri-Cities Testing Center to coordinate approval of the proctoring service as well as testing requirements and related information.