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What is an Internship?

In general, internships are short-term commitments between an employer and student wherein a student gains valuable exposure to a career field and the employer meets the goals of the company while supporting the success of a growing professional. While internships may lead to long-term employment relationships, the norm is for the internship to have a pre-determined termination date. Internships can be paid or unpaid experiences that may translate into academic credit.

The Benefits of Completing an Internship

Experiences help build your resumé — Job hunting is very competitive and any relevant work experience, especially if the experience is in your related field, is an advantage.

Informed Career Choice — The life and profession you are imagining may not be the reality of real-world work. A quality internship can help you decide on the career path that is right for you or steer you toward a career focus within your degree field.

Networking — Professional connections can be critical to making career decisions. Networking can opens doors, steer you to job leads, and provide valuable references or recommendations. When it comes to getting hired, the most important factor is not always what you know or even whom you know, but rather who knows you!

Potential Permanent Employment — For many employers, an internship is a great way to discover future permanent hires. If the internship goes well, the employer may want to keep the intern employed during the school year or hire the student upon graduation. Even if the internship does not translate directly into a job, applications from students who have already worked as an intern for the company are stronger applications.

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