Summer Session

Current Students


Current students do not need to apply for admission to Summer Session. Simply register for Summer Session courses on myWSU.

There are no summer advising holds, but be sure to discuss summer enrollment with your advisor when you meet for Fall 2017 advising.

Registration for Summer Session courses on myWSU continues through the start of the last session of summer.

Newly Admitted Students

If you have recently been admitted for the Fall 2017 term and would like to take summer courses, simply contact the WSU Tri-Cities Office of Admissions and request that your admission be back-dated to include Summer Session 2017. Once you have been back-dated for summer, log on to your new myWSU account, and register for courses! It is recommended you speak with an advisor in Academic Advising at WSU Tri-Cities.

Register for Summer Session courses on myWSU beginning in Spring 2017 continuing through the start of the last session of summer.

Transfer Students

Are you transferring to WSU Tri-Cities? Why not come early for a summer course or two? The first summer session courses begin in early May, but students transferring from schools on the quarter system usually register for WSU Tri-Cities courses beginning in the Late 6-Week session of summer which will begin in mid-June.

If you are admitted for the Fall term but would like to enroll in Summer Session, please contact the Summer Session office at 509-372-7174 or by email at

Tuition and Fees

There is no out-of-state tuition rate in the summer! 

Undergraduate Tuition

Undergraduate tuition for Summer 2017: $494/credit

Graduate Tuition

Graduate tuition rate for Summer 2017: $509/credit

Auditing a Course

Unlike fall and spring courses, students are required to pay full tuition and fees when auditing a course during Summer Session.

Due Dates for Summer 2017

Due Date: 5/8

Late Fees Assessed: 5/26

Due Date: 5/8

Late Fees Assessed: 5/26

Due Date: 5/8

Late Fees Assessed: 5/26

Due Date: 6/5

Late Fees Assessed: 6/23

Due Date: 6/19

Late Fees Assessed: 6/23

Carson College of Business (7-week 1): 5/8 – 6/25

Due Date: 5/8

Late Fees Assessed: 5/26

Carson College of Business (7-week 2): 6/26 – 8/13

Due Date: 6/26

Late Fee Assessed: 7/21

Tuition is due one the first day of class; assessment of late fees for unpaid tuition will begin on the dates listed. Fees are cumulative; accounts will be assessed a fee on each deadline that the balance remains unpaid.

Cancellation Policy

To cancel, go to for more information and to cancel enrollment.

If you cancelled enrollment after the drop deadline without penalty deadline, all tuition and fees will still be owed.

If done before the drop without penalty deadline, there will be a 100% refund of tuition and fees.

There is no cancellation fee in the summer.

Refund Policy

Refunds for a class only occurs if the class is dropped before the drop without penalty deadline.

Please view the add/drop chart (coming soon) for the full list of deadlines and important Summer Session dates.

Financial Aid

Eligibility Requirements

In order to be considered for Financial Aid you must complete all of the following items:

  1. A Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) for the 2016-2017 school year must be on file with Washington State University.
  2. Admission as a regular degree-seeking student is required.
  3. Undergraduates need to be enrolled in at least six credits; graduate students need to be enrolled in at least three credits. Students will be notified of their financial aid eligibility within 3 days of registering for the minimum number of credits.

NOTE: Continuing students must be making satisfactory academic progress (SAP) toward completion of a degree. For the complete SAP policy, please refer to the Financial Aid website.

Funds Availability

Typically, federal financial aid for summer consists of grants and loans that a student may have qualified for during the academic year but did not accept or use.

Note: Some students may experience a delay in delivery of their summer financial aid until spring semester grades are posted to their transcripts and verified for satisfactory progress.

Frequently Asked Questions


I dropped my summer course - don't I get a refund?

If you dropped before the drop deadline then you are entitled to a full refund for your summer course. If you dropped after the drop deadline and received a grade “W”, you are responsible for full tuition and fees for the course.

I dropped my course AFTER the drop deadline, but I think I am owed a refund. How do I request one?

You may complete a petition to request an exception to a missed academic deadline with the Office of the Registrar. Please keep in mind that this form is for students with extenuating circumstances that prevented them from making a deadline AND that documentation must provided for full consideration.

There is a late fee on my account for Summer Session. Can I request to have it waived?

You may petition to have your late fee waived by completing the late fee petition form.

I never attended my class, but I am still being charged full tuition and fees. What should I do?

You may complete a non-attendance petition to have your summer course dropped. In order to be eligible for a non-attendance petition, you must have never attended any meetings or completed any course materials.

Tuition & Fees

How much is my tuition?

Undergraduates: Coming Soon

Graduates: Coming Soon

When is my tuition due?

There are 3 different tuition due dates; your due date will be based upon the start date for your course. All 12-week courses, independent studies, and internships will be due on the first tuition due date.

I can’t pay my tuition; can I set up a payment plan?

Summer Session does not offer a payment plan. However, we only issue 3 late payment penalty fees that total no more than $99 ($33 each). Many students choose to pay for Summer as they are able and simply absorb the $99 in late fees as their “payment plan”.

What happens if I don’t pay my tuition?

You will be responsible for full tuition and fees plus whatever late fees may incur. There will also be 2 holds placed on your account:

1) Registration hold: will prevent you from registering in future terms until your account is current.

2) Transcript hold: will prevent you from being able to order a transcript.

Will you drop me out of my classes if I don’t pay my tuition?

No, WSU does not drop students from their courses or withhold their grades due to nonpayment.

There are late fees on my account, but I don’t think I should have to pay them. How can I request they be removed?

You may complete a Late Fee Petition. They are reviewed weekly by committee; you will be contacted with results.

How do I know which courses have additional fees?

Visit and click on the “course fees” link in the navigation menu.

Adding & Dropping Courses

How do I register for Summer Session?

If you are a continuing student, you simply sign up for your summer courses via your myWSU account similar to the way you do for Fall/Spring.

If you are not a current WSU student, you must first apply to the university.

How do I drop a course?

Dropping a course is the same process during the Summer as it is during the Fall/Spring term.

If I drop a course, will it be on my transcript?

If you drop before the drop deadline it is called a “drop without penalty”,which means there will be no record of this course on your transcript.

If you drop after the drop deadline it is called a “drop with penalty” and a record of withdrawal will be present on your transcript.

Where can I find the drop deadlines?

The drop deadlines are published on the Summer Session website. You can also find the drop deadlines for your courses in myWSU by clicking on the calendar icon next to the course description in your student center.

What are the deadlines for Summer Session?

Drop deadlines vary by course. Be sure to check your course’s deadlines early!

I am trying to drop my class, but when I hit “finish” I receive an error that dropping this course will put me below the minimum enrollment requirement. What does that mean and how do I drop this class?

Students are not able to drop their last course in any term via their myWSU account; in order to drop out of the last course you are enrolled in you must complete a cancellation of enrollment request. You can cancel your enrollment by visiting or by clicking on the “cancel enrollment” link on your myWSU homepage.

If I cancel my enrollment for the Summer, will that effect my Fall enrollment?

No, a cancellation is only effective for the current term. You will remain enrolled in your Fall courses.

Financial Aid

Can I get financial aid for the Summer?

Summer aid is awarded on a funds availability basis. Many students are eligible for summer aid; meet with a financial aid advisor to determine your eligibility.

What’s the minimum number of credits I need to be considered for summer financial aid?

Undergraduate students must be enrolled in a minimum of six total credit hours during Summer Session to receive Summer Financial Aid. Graduate/Professional level students must be enrolled in a minimum of three total credit hours.

Can I use my Fall financial aid to pay for the Summer?

No, Summer financial aid is awarded separately and only summer aid can be used to pay for summer.

How do I apply for Summer aid?

If you are a current WSU student and are receiving aid for the current year, you do not need to apply for aid. Once you have registered in the minimum required credits for full-time status, your award will be automatically packaged and you will be notified.

If you are not a current WSU student OR you are not receiving aid for the current year, you will need to complete a FAFSA for the current year. Once your FAFSA is on file and you have registered in the minimum required credits for full-time status, your award will be automatically packaged and you will be notified.

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