IT Project Process

IT Project Request

All IT project requests must be submitted by way of the IT Project Request Form

Project request intake, processing and approval

  1. IT project manager will research all project requests received via the IT Project Request Form
  2. Researched information is sent back to the requester for approval
  3. As researched approvals are received, the IT project manager will meet with the Director of Information Technology to determine the feasibility of each project request
  4. The IT project manager will write an executive summary for each project based on the research and feasibility information
  5. All requests are sent to the Director of Information Technology (D-IT) and the Chief Information Officer (CIO). They will use a rubric to assess these project requests. The 10 project requests that score the highest will be brought to the IT Strategic Planning Committee (ITSP) for consideration.

Project selection and prioritization

  1. The ITSP will meet to review project requests selected by the CIO and D-IT. They may also choose to include approved project requests that were not part of the CIO/D-IT’s initial list.
  2. The ITSP will select the top 5 projects using a scoring rubric and prioritize them each year by the 1st Monday of April. This will then allow time to request funding for the next fiscal year.
  3. The top 3 requests with the highest ranking scores will become projects managed by the IT project manager.
  4. Project requests ranked 4 and 5 will be placed on a contingency list. Their completion will depend on the availability of time and resources. Those projects not selected during the request cycle may be submitted again the following year.