Veterans Affairs

The Veterans Center in West 203 is staffed by veteran work-study students and the VetCORPS navigator. The office provides assistance for student veterans seeking information about educational benefits and community resources.
Certification of Veterans

For assistance with certification questions, contact Nancy Roe in West 269B, at 509-372-7351 or

Resources for Veterans

For questions about assistance with medical benefits, housing, or community resources, phone the VetCORP navigator at 509-372-7143 or

Veterans and Allies

V&A is a Registered Student Organization at WSU Tri-Cities. The Veterans & Allies RSO is dedicated to the success of our students and our community. To this end, the purpose of the club is twofold: Our first goal is to promote student learning by establishing a social network of camaraderie and support; by working with the VetCorps office on campus to provide information and resources for veteran students and families; by promoting awareness of veteran students and veteran issues on campus; and by assisting in transition of veterans and their families into civilian and student life. Equally important to our mission is giving back to the larger community by holding events and activities that promote collaboration between our membership and the public community, and which provide opportunities for our members to participate in community initiatives. For more information, visit

WSU Tri-Cities is a Veteran Supportive Campus

At WSU Tri-Cities, we strive to help veterans succeed in higher education by increasing awareness of veterans programs, implementing policies that foster social support, and promoting a welcoming environment that meaningfully acknowledges the contributions of veterans. In addition, the partnership ensures that WSU Tri-Cities student veterans are offered access to the Washington State Department of Veteran Affairs for a review of their individual needs, potential benefits, and assistance obtaining benefits and care.