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Before taking the exam you will need:

  • To be an enrolled or admitted WSU Tri-Cities student
  • Pencil and paper
  • Your WSU Network ID and password
  • Approximately two hours to complete the exam (this time will vary for each student)

Please follow these general instructions for taking the exam:

  • Use a pencil and paper to work out the answers to each question.
  • Do NOT use a textbook or calculator – the exam has a built-in calculator which is available on certain questions.
  • At the beginning of the ALEKS assessment, you will go through a brief tutorial that will introduce you to the ALEKS system and interface. You will be shown how to enter different types of answers, how to use the ALEKS calculator, and how to graph something by hand.
  • Do your best to answer each question correctly.
  • Enter your answers carefully. Once you submit your response to a question, you cannot return to that question to change the answer.
  • Select “I don’t know” only if you have no idea how to work a problem. If you select “I don’t know” repeatedly, it will lower your score on the ALEKS Exam.
  • If your computer locks up or freezes during the middle of the exam, try hitting the “Refresh” button on your browser. If that does not work, close your browser and log back in. The work you have already submitted will be saved, and the exam will pick up at the point you left off.
  • When you complete the exam, you will see a screen with a pie chart and the % score that you earned on the ALEKS Exam. Your score will be available to your advisor in about one business day.
  • Solve all problems on the ALEKS Exam without assistance. This means that you should not use any books or online resources, and you should not get assistance from any other person. As a student at Washington State University, you are a full member of the University community. As a member of the University community, you are subject to the responsibilities of that community. When you violate a University regulation, you are open to disciplinary action of the University. A student at Washington State University has the responsibility to be honest in all academic and personal relationships. Academic integrity is imperative to the progression to real knowledge and to a student’s capacity to apply that knowledge to life’s problems. Personal integrity is what permits a student to realize goals.

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Last Updated: October 23, 2015