Current Students

On the Path to Graduation…

Schedule Semester Visits

Call 509-372-7157 to get on your TRIO SSS Advisor’s calendar for your semester visits. Tip: Request recurring monthly meetings to establish a regular meeting schedule throughout each semester of enrollment.

Priority Registration

Don’t forget! If you would like to be considered for priority registration, you must meet with your TRIO SSS Advisor for your semester visit and follow up and complete two on-campus or online financial literacy or student success workshops each semester. Stop by the office for a list of all workshop offerings.

Financial Literacy

WSU has teamed up with American Student Assistance to provide a FREE online program to help you manage your money and student loans. SALT can help you!

Graduate or Professional School

Are you thinking about going to graduate or professional school? Schedule a meeting with your TRIO SSS Advisor for assistance.

Graduating this Semester?

Mark your calendars with some important dates and don’t forget to schedule a meeting with your TRIO SSS Advisor to complete your Exit Interview.

Activity/Trip Photos

Did you participate in a TRIO SSS activity or cultural enrichment trip? You can find our activity/trip photos on Flickr.

Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)

Current Students: November 30, 2016

Fall 2017 New Students: January 31, 2016

WSU FAFSA Code: 003800

WSU Tri-Cities Scholarship Application    
APPLICATION DEADLINE: January 31 every year

Free Scholarship Search Sites

What is SAAB?

The Student Action/Advisory Board (SAAB) is a group of WSU Tri-Cities TRIO SSS participants who wish to have an impact on the experiences of both current and future TRIO students.  They accomplish this through outreach, awareness, fundraising, events, and advising of TRIO SSS staff regarding ways to enhance the student experience and meet student needs.


Our vision is to uphold the college vision of building a future for students and communities, through student leaders who support sound decision making practices, critical thinking skills, empowering the student voice, community service projects, and outreach.

Get Involved

SAAB leadership position requirements:

  • Current WSU Tri-Cities TRIO SSS participant
  • 1 year commitment
  • Good academic standing
  • Advise or implement at least one new idea per semester
  • Meet a minimum of once per month throughout the academic year

If you are a TRIO SSS participant and you would like more information on SAAB or you want to get involved with SAAB, please contact the TRIO SSS office at 509-372-7157.