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What I Stared at for Eleven Hours

Spring 2021 Fine Arts Exhibit
A still life of 6 biomorphic objects, including: two halves of a small log, two oranges, a banana, and a plant in a cart-shaped pot on some fabric.

About This Project

My name is Patrick, but my creator name is ParadoxPerson02. This was my final for the Biomorphic Still Life assignment in my class. We had the option to either draw a tree, or do a still life of some biomorphic objects, and since there aren’t trees where I live I decided to do the still life. I was a little concerned at first because there weren’t many objects I could use in my house, but fortunately my dad had the house plant in the window. The two pieces of wood are from a trip I went on with my old Boy Scout troop and we had to practice using the saw. I decided to completely saw a piece of wood in half (even though I didn’t have to and it was a surprising amount of work), brought it home, and forgot about it until I actually needed it for something. The banana and oranges were the most concerning part for me because of an experience I had with those fruits a few years ago. The fabric the objects are on was actually a pair of shorts I found in the house, but I decided to expand the fabric out more to create a more complete picture. I have had the issue of creating focus in previous drawings, so I added some shading to the top as a way to achieve this and limit the emptiness in the background. Overall, I think I did a great job capturing the objects, and am satisfied with the result. My favorite part is the big, central leaf because it looks so much closer to the actual leaf than in my previous sketches, and it was satisfying to draw. Also, yes the title is accurate, it did take me about 11 hours to draw this.

Student Name

Patrick Jones


Fine Art 110: Introduction to Drawing


K. Sisson



FA 110 Introduction to Drawing, Graphite