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College of Arts & Sciences

WSU Tri-Cities is a campus of Washington State University, which shares one central administration and one faculty. The campus strongly values diversity among its faculty, staff and students. As a campus of a land-grant institution, WSU Tri-Cities is committed to excellence in research, learning, and outreach to all constituents.

Biological & Environmental Sciences

Headshot of Tanya Cheeke
Tanya CheekeAssistant Professor, BiologyEast 103509-372-7393
Jim Cooper
William CooperInstructor, BiologyEast 124A509-372-7175
Allan Felsot
Allan FelsotProfessorEast 128509-372-7365
photo of Yimo Liu
Yimo LiuInstructor/Project Specialist, BiologyFloyd 207H509-372-7359
photo of Kathleen McAteer
Kathleen McAteerVice Chancellor for Academic Affairs; Clinical Associate Professor, BiologyFloyd 263E509-372-7371
photo of Lori Nelson
Lori NelsonClinical Assistant Professor, BiologyEast 126509-372-7673
Sarah Roley
Sarah RoleyAssistant Professor, Environmental ScienceEast 103509-372-7449
Elly Sweet
Elly SweetClinical Assistant Professor, BiologyEast 134509-372-7525

Chemistry & Physics

photo of Nelmi Devarie Baez
Nelmi Devarie BaezClinical Assistant Professor, ChemistryEast 130509-372-7465
photo of Elsa Silva Lopez
Elsa Silva LopezClinical Assistant Professor, ChemistryEast 132509-372-7490
Cigdem Capan
Cigdem CapanClinical Assistant Professor, PhysicsCIC 202J509-372-7147

English & Foreign Languages

Francisco Serratos
Francisco Arellano SerratosInstructor, Foreign Languages and CultureCIC 201AD509-372-7139
Vanessa Cozza
Vanessa CozzaClinical Assistant Professor, EnglishCIC 202E509-372-7137
photo of Gibran Escalera
Gibran EscaleraClinical Assistant Professor, EnglishCIC 125D509-372-7373
Headshot of Jennifer Lodine-Chaffey
Jennifer Lodine-ChaffeyInstructor, EnglishCIC 125G509-372-7376
Michael Mays
Michael MaysProfessor, EnglishCIC 125C509-372-7380
photo of Robin Mays
Robin MaysCoordinator, Writing CenterCIC 201AE509-372-7425
photo of Anna Plemons
Anna PlemonsAssistant Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs; Clinical Assistant Professor, DTCFloyd 263G509-372-7267
Patty Wilde
Patricia WildeAssistant Professor, EnglishCIC 125F509-372-7032

DTC & Fine Arts

Peter Christenson
Peter ChristensonAssociate Professor, Fine ArtsCIC 125H509-372-7285
Sena Clara Creston
Sena Clara CrestonClinical Assistant Professor, Fine ArtsFloyd 102BA509-372-7419
Doug Gast
Douglas GastAssociate Professor, Fine ArtsCIC 125K509-372-7185
Headshot of Phillip Mudd
Phillip MuddInstructor, Fine ArtsCIC 102BB509-372-7316


photo of Robert Bauman
Robert BaumanAssociate Professor, History; Academic Director, Arts & SciencesCIC 202F509-372-7249
Brigit Farley
Brigit FarleyAssociate Professor, HistoryCIC 202C509-372-7357
Headshot of Tracey Hanshew
Tracey HanshewClinical Assistant Professor, HistoryCIC 202K509-372-7390
Steven Hoch
Steven HochProfessor, HistoryCIC 201AB509-372-7145

Mathematics & Statistics

Headshot of Kevin Fiedler
Kevin FiedlerClinical Assistant Professor, MathematicsCIC202G509-372-7121Summer Office Hours:M-F, 3-4pm
photo of Ryan Learn
Ryan LearnInstructor, StatisticsCIC 202H509-372-7138
Dan Mitchell
Dan MitchellClinical Assistant Professor, MathematicsCIC 202K509-372-7184Dan Mitchell (2000) received his Ph.D. in Chemistry from the University of Washington.
photo of Saranah Selmi
Saranah SelmiClinical Assistant Professor, MathematicsCIC 125J509-372-7427


Stephanie Bauman
Stephanie BaumanAssociate Professor, PsychologyCIC 202D509-372-7363
Allison Matthews
Allison MatthewsClinical Associate Professor, PsychologyCIC 125B509-372-7146
Janet Peters
Janet PetersClinical Assistant Professor, PsychologyCIC 125N509-372-7431
Paul Strand
Paul StrandActing Assistant Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, Professor, PsychologyCIC 202A509-372-7177
Sarah Tragesser
Sarah TragesserAssociate Professor, PsychologyCIC 125Q509-372-7388

Social Sciences

Katie Banks
Katherine BanksInstructor, Politics, Philosophy & Public AffairsCIC 125R509-372-7119
Mark Mansperger
Mark ManspergerClinical Associate Professor, AnthropologyCIC 125P509-372-7383
Michael Pieracci
Michael PieracciClinical Associate Professor, HistoryCIC 125L509-372-7392


photo of Raul Aranzazu
Raul AranzazuLab TechnicianEast 118509-372-7485
Eadie Balint
Eadie BalintAcademic Support Staff, College of Arts & SciencesCIC 125A509-372-7214Liberal & Fine Arts, College of Arts & Sciences
photo of Jessica Bland
Jessica BlandAcademic Support Staff, College of Arts & SciencesFloyd 263509-372-7306Math & Sciences, College of Arts & Sciences
photo of Mysti Meiers
Mysti MeiersSenior Academic Advisor, Academic AdvisingCIC 201D509-372-7472
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