College of Arts & Sciences Digital Technology & Culture Program

Digital Technology & Culture

On the cutting edge of culture

The B.A. in Digital Technology & Culture is an interdisciplinary degree that combines theory and practice in the study of the latest communication technologies. The program is dedicated to thinking across a variety of media forms while simultaneously studying the cultural impact these media have on our global society.

Students of the program creatively design, critique, and interact with new media while engaging the histories that contextualize these media. Student work is continually framed by the key issues surrounding the implementation of digital media, including studying issues of access, diversity, identity, multimodal content, and interactivity. Graduates of the DTC program have the keen analytical skills necessary for success in any field, but also have the ability to compose digital content utilizing a variety of media. The degree is designed to help students not only become better readers of digital media, but also become erudite in composing a wide array of digital works.

Student Learning Objectives

ONE: Demonstrate competency with technology for designing and distributing digital works in various mediums.

TWO: Demonstrate competency with design principles through both the production and analysis of media objects.

THREE: Demonstrate and articulate an understanding of the way digital media and information function and circulate in multiple cultural contexts.

FOUR: Demonstrate an understanding of the history of technological development, from local to global perspectives, and its implications for a variety of mediums.

FIVE: Utilize an interdisciplinary perspective in order to understand the global changes brought about by digital media.

SIX: Effectively communicate through writing and speech why and how digital media texts make meaning.