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Of Life and Rocks

Spring 2021 Fine Arts Exhibit
drawing of succulent in a mug, next to a banana on two rocks, below an apple and an onion, below all sit a small egg, a tangerine, and a large egg. All of the objects sit on a napkin.

About This Project

This piece of work has no real meaning to it. The piece shows a succulent, two eggs, an apple, an onion, and a banana on some rocks, which are one top of napkin. This arrangement was made not out of symbolism per-se, but out what was pleasing and reminds me of my home. I live on a small farm where we raise ducks and geese for eggs,(which is one is larger than the other) and we have large focus on gardening (though no bananas or oranges unfortunately) which is why I picked the fruit and the plant(one of many house plants). The onion was chosen because my mom really likes onions. The rocks are there because my my father has a love for geology. The napkin just looks nice.


Of Life and Rocks

Student Name

Thor Walter




Fine Art 110: Introduction to Drawing


K. Sisson

FA 110 Introduction to Drawing, Graphite