Physical Wellbeing

Physical Wellness is taking care of our bodies everyday. Although optimal health is different for everyone, we can still create healthy habits to use in order to achieve our best and healthiest selves. This includes sleeping well, eating well, and exercising. It is very important to recognize these factors that you may already do well, or need to improve or maintain them, while also beginning to form healthier habits in areas that have room for improvement. WSU Tri-Cities Coug Mind Spa is here to help you with that.

Daily Food Plan


When it comes to eating healthy it can be hard, but in both the short and long term it is good for your health. Maintaining a diet that is rich in fruits and vegetables will help keep you full and satisfied completely through your day. It is also important to limit your amount of caffeine intake and drink a ton of water!

How does your body know what time it is? (TED-Ed video)


Sleep also plays a very critical role in good health, both mentally and physically! The amount of time that you sleep depends upon your body’s circadian clock, but most young adults need 7-9 hours per night. Getting inadequate sleep can lead to poor academic or work performance and a higher change of getting sick.


Many of us have a tendency to focus on what is going wrong. It is very important to recognize all the things you are doing right! Keep up those healthy habits, and do not beat yourself up or get too down on yourself if you slip up. We all deserve to take some time off  from the gym or enjoy a nice chocolate chip cookie every so often. It’s a treat meal, not a cheat meal!

Checkout these mindset activities to check your mindset!


Try to work physical activity, at an intensity and duration that is safe for you, into your everyday routine.

The WSU Tri-Cities Den is the only on-campus indoors recreational center for students and employees! The Den has weights, squat racks, cardio machines, and sports equipment. A DEN membership is free for all WSU Tri-Cities students, and $50 a semester or $100 for an academic year for staff and faculty.


WSU Tri-Cities has very campus recreation and wellness activities for all! There is the DEN which is the indoor recreational facility, outdoor recreation which offers a wide range of both resources and equipment for check out, club sports to connect and engage with others while being active, and intramural sports which are recreational sports played at WSU Tri-Cities with and against other students, faculty, and staff. You can sign up an entire team or join an existing team as a free agent.

The Campus Recreation and Wellness also has various free virtual activities and resources to stay active while learning virtually!