Student union building

Student Union Building

The WSU Tri-Cities Student Union Building will be an important part of campus life founded by students, for students. For over five years, the WSU Tri-Cities student body has worked tirelessly to bring the first building solely designed around the student experience to the campus. Designed with students in mind and scheduled to open in 2017, the Student Union Building is designed to personify dynamic student engagement on the campus.

The Student Union Building will be so much more than meeting rooms. It is intended to be a home where students will be able to relax between classes, socialize, participate in recreation activities, develop their leadership skills, grab a cup of coffee, check their email, attend entertainment events and gaze upon one of the best views of the Columbia River in the Tri-Cities. There will never be a dull moment in the WSU Tri-Cities Student Union Building!

The Student Union Building is both a facility and a program to enrich campus life for students. Through this student-fee funded facility, WSU Tri-Cities will be able to develop a rich and engaging experience for students by having facilities dedicated to student organizations, leadership opportunities, and social development. Nestled in the heart of the WSU Tri-Cities campus, the Student Union Building will connect students to the campus experience in ways never experienced before at WSU Tri-Cities!

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Please visit the Advancement and Community Engagement website to learn more about how to contribute to the Student Union Building.

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