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The outstanding WSU Tri-Cities School of Engineering and Applied Sciences faculty and staff  strongly value diversity on the WSU Tri-Cities campus and are committed to excellence in research, learning, and outreach to all constituencies.

Academic Director
photo of Changki Mo
Changki MoAcademic Director; Professor, Mechanical EngineeringTFLO 134A
Civil Engineering
photo of Jillian Cadwell
Jillian CadwellResearch Associate Faculty
Yonas Demissie
Yonas DemissieAssociate Professor, Civil & Environmental EngineeringFloyd 134H
photo of Akram Hossain
Akram HossainProfessor, Civil & Environmental EngineeringTFLO 134F
photo of Vijay Kubsad
Vijay KubsadFloyd 124Adjunct Faculty
photo of Cara Morton
Cara MortonFloyd 134GAssistant Professor (Career Track), Civil Engineering
photo of Jairo Yepes-Heredia
Jairo Yepes-HerediaFloyd 122Visiting Teaching Professor
Computer Science
photo of David Brown
David BrownFloyd 124Adjunct Faculty
photo of Neil Corrigan
Neil CorriganFloyd 128Visiting Teaching Professor
photo of Luis De La Torre
Luis De La TorreAssistant Professor (Career Track), Computer ScienceFloyd 134D
photo of Evan Felix
Evan FelixFloyd 124Adjunct Faculty
photo of Will Hutton
Will HuttonFloyd 124Adjunct Faculty
Bob Lewis
Bob LewisEmeritus Associate Professor, Computer Science
John Miller
John MillerAssociate Professor, Computer ScienceFloyd 134E
photo of Nathan Tenney
Nathan TenneyFloyd 124Adjunct Faculty
Electrical Engineering
scott hudson
Scott HudsonProfessor, Electrical EngineeringTFLO 134K
photo of Will Jorgensen
Will JorgensenFloyd 124Adjunct Faculty
photo of Soumya Kundu
Soumya KunduFloyd 124Adjunct Faculty
David Lowry
David LowryAssociate Professor (Career Track), Electrical EngineeringFloyd 134L
Mohamed Osman
Mohamed OsmanProfessor, Electrical EngineeringTFLO 134J
photo of Barbara Philipp
Barbara PhilippFloyd 124Adjunct Faculty
photo of Noel Schulz
Noel SchulzEast 237Bob Ferguson Endowed Professor
Mechanical Engineering
photo of Nathan Clark
Nathan ClarkFloyd 124Adjunct Faculty
photo of Joshua Heyne
Joshua HeyneBSEL 227BSEL Director, Associate Professor, Mechanical Engineering
Joseph Iannelli
Joseph IannelliProfessor, Mechanical EngineeringFloyd 134B
photo of Ron Omberg
Ron OmbergFloyd 124Adjunct Faculty
photo of Andrew Porter
Andrew PorterFloyd 124Adjunct Faculty
photo of Doug Reid
Doug ReidFloyd 124Adjunct Faculty
photo of Messiha Saad
Messiha SaadAssociate Professor (Career Track), Mechanical EngineeringFloyd 134C
photo of Richard Stout
Richard StoutFloyd 124Adjunct Faculty
photo of Donald Todd
Donald ToddFloyd 124Adjunct Faculty
photo of Che-Hao Yang
Che-Hao YangAssistant Professor (Career Track), Mechanical EngineeringFloyd 130
photo of Yuxin Zhang
Yuxin ZhangAssistant Professor (Career Track), Mechanical EngineeringFloyd 126
photo of Kimberly Harrod
Kimberly HarrodFloyd 263Administrative Assistant
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