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The outstanding WSU Tri-Cities School of Engineering and Applied Sciences faculty and staff  strongly value diversity on the WSU Tri-Cities campus and are committed to excellence in research, learning, and outreach to all constituencies.

Civil Engineering
Babak Abbasi
Babak AbbasiVCEA, SEAS, Instructor, Civil & Environmental EngineeringFloyd 134G509-372-7167
Srinivas Allena
Srinivas AllenaVCEA, SEAS, Clinical Associate Professor, Civil & Environmental EngineeringFloyd 134F509-372-7161
Yonas Demissie
Yonas DemissieVCEA, SEAS, Assistant Professor, Civil & Environmental EngineeringFloyd 134H509-372-7344
photo of Akram Hossain
Akram HossainVCEA, SEAS, Professor, Civil & Environmental EngineeringFloyd 101E509-372-7314
Computer Science
photo of Luis De La Torre
Luis De La TorreInstructor, Computer ScienceFloyd 128509-372-7459
Bob Lewis
Bob LewisVCEA, SEAS, Associate Professor, Computer ScienceFloyd 134D509-372-7178
John Miller
John MillerVCEA, SEAS, Associate Professor, Computer ScienceFloyd 134E509-372-7232
Electrical Engineering
scott hudson
Scott HudsonVCEA, SEAS, Professor, Electrical EngineeringFloyd 134A509-372-7254
David Lowry
David LowryVCEA, SEAS, Clinical Associate Professor, Electrical EngineeringFloyd 134L509-372-7144
Mohamed Osman
Mohamed OsmanVCEA, SEAS, Professor, Electrical EngineeringFloyd 134K509-372-7287
Mechanical Engineering
photo of Aboutaleb Ameli
Aboutaleb AmeliVCEA, SEAS, Assistant Professor, Mechanical EngineeringFloyd 130509-372-7442
Joseph Iannelli
Joseph IannelliVCEA, SEAS, Professor, Mechanical EngineeringFloyd 134B509-372-7420
Changki Mo
Changki MoVCEA, SEAS, Associate Professor, Mechanical EngineeringFloyd 134J509-372-7296
Messiha Saad
Messiha SaadVCEA, SEAS, Clinical Associate Professor, Mechanical EngineeringFloyd 134C509-372-7452
photo of Yuxin Zhang
Yuxin ZhangInstructor, Mechanical EngineeringFloyd 126509-372-7423
photo of Tish Christman
Tish ChristmanVCEA, SEAS, Administrative AssistantFloyd 134G509-372-7683
Steve Jordan
Steve JordanVCEA, SEAS, Mechanical Engineering TechnicianFloyd 122509-372-7307
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