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Emotional Wellbeing

Welcome to the Virtual Coug Mind Spa for Emotional Wellbeing! WSU Tri-Cities Counseling Services has put together this page with the hopes of helping you give yourself a break and take care of yourself emotionally.

12 faces of emotional moods

Mood Tracker

Free Printable Mood Trackers to help create a journal of where you are at mentally.

Self Care Activities

  1. Skin Care: face masks, washing/cleansing face, body wash or scrubs.
  2. Take a break from electronics: Take some time off of technology, and try to limit social media or internet usage.
  3. Exercise: Complete a workout, do some yoga exercises, go on a walk/run/bike-ride/etc.
  4. Relax: Take a long shower or a warm bath.
  5. Listen to music: 15-30 minutes of listening to spiritual, motivating, or comforting music in order to get yourself going. Possibly even a podcast.


Dr. Caroline Leaf Mental Health Podcast
Mental Health Self-Care Habits

Emotional Wellbeing

5 Life-Changing Emotional Wellness Activities

1. Make Meaning
2. Cultivate your sense of awe
3. Seek connection
4. Grow your sense of gratitude
5. Hone your humor