SUB AV Policies

Use of the Student Union Building AV equipment:

  • The building audio/visual equipment will be locked up when not in use. The Assistant Director of Student Life, or staff designee will be the only person on site who will have access to the key with the exception of the IT/Facilities Staff. Use of the building audio equipment must be approved by the Assistant Director of Student Life. For special events that take place after hours the key to audio equipment can be signed out from the Assistant Director and should be returned the next business day.
  • Clubs and organizations who have permission to use the A/V equipment are responsible for any damages that are caused by them, their members or their guests.
  • When the building audio equipment is in normal use as to play music, the volume level is to remain under (To be determined as for best practices). Exceptions for this is when there is a special event or an emergency announcement. During these time the audio should be at a reasonable level.
  • The building audio equipment should not interrupt scheduled meetings that are taking place in the Student Union.
  • Any music or content that is played over the building A/V equipment should not contain vulgar language, overtly sexual content, or any kind of hate speech.
  • Ambient music that is played during the day should be reserved for the lounge/outdoor spaces specifically. For special circumstances approved by the Assistant Director of Student Life, it can be played in the Multi-Purpose Room also.