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Professional Development Workshops

November Workshops

Resume and Cover Letters
Friday, November 3
11 a.m. to Noon, Floyd 243

This professional development workshop will provide students with practical tips and tools to enhance your resume to compete in today’s tough job market and to write a powerful cover letter to entice employers to read your resume. Students should plan to bring a current resume and/or laptop.

Career Boot Camp for Veterans
Tuesday, Nov. 7
9 to 11 a.m., Veterans Center (Floyd 203)

This professional development workshop will provide veteran students with tips and tools to translate the knowledge, skills, and abilities earned through their military service to the qualifications and experiences required for a career outside of the military. Veterans will learn how to write a compelling resume, prepare for interviews, network on social media, and promote their abilities so they can successfully transition to civilian careers.

Job Search
Wednesday, Nov. 8
11 a.m. to Noon, Floyd 243

This professional development workshop focuses on learning about the free tools and resources available to you, on our campus and online, internship and job search strategies, where to find openings and the best practices used in applying for them.

Interview Tips
Friday, Nov. 17
11 a.m. to Noon, Floyd 243

This professional development workshop focuses on making the best professional impression and acing your interview to land the job you want. Learn tips on how to dress for the interview, answer tough questions, what to take with you, and how to follow-up after an interview.

December Workshops

Preparing for Graduate School: What to Expect
Friday, Dec. 1
11 a.m. to Noon, Floyd 243

This professional development workshop focuses on learning when, how, and what to do to apply to graduate and professional schools. Get tips on the application process, find the right school, and how to apply to competitive programs.

Special Presenter: Kristy Gilmartin, WSU Tri-Cities Admissions Office.

One-on-One Career Coaching

It doesn’t matter if your resume is already perfect or barely begun, we can review it for you. Let us help you avoid these common resume mistakes:

  1. Your resume is the same one you use for all applications. The best resumes are targeted to the job for which you are applying. We can help you target your resume.
  2. Your resume doesn’t survive the 7-second scan. If your resume doesn’t show what the employer is looking for in 7 to 30 seconds, you may miss out on opportunities.
  3. Bad grammar and misspellings! Let us be another set of objective eyes to keep this document error free.
  4. Lack of detail. You state you are hard-working (and it’s true!) but what do you think lazy people put on their resumes? Strengthen your resume with evidence of your skills.
Resume Reviews

The Career Development Office offers personal one-on-one career coaching to any current student or near-term alumnus of WSU Tri-Cities. Services are free and comprehensive including all the topics listed below. While we can accommodate some drop-in appointments, most will be seen by scheduled appointment. To schedule an appointment, simply:

Check out our weekly workshop covering many of the same topics and more!

Cover Letter Help

A great cover letter entices the employer to look at your resume and tells your story in a way that brings value to your application.  Our simple, effective approach to cover letters will keep you from giving irrelevant information or simply repeating your resume.

Interview Preparation

What do you say when the interviewer asks, “What is your greatest weakness?” or “Tell me about yourself.”  There are positive ways to answer these and other difficult questions that avoid the pitfalls into which many fall.  We can prepare you with interview strategies and then put you through a mock interview to practice your skills!

Career Guidance

Not sure what major to take?  Not sure what career to pursue with the degree you are earning?  Let us help.  With online resources and assessments, we can help narrow your search and supply you with strategies to position yourself for the career marketplace.

Discover the WSU Tri-Cities Major that best fits you here!

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