WSU Tri-Cities Awards

Annual Awards

WSU Tri-Cities awards are given annually to honor those campus members who epitomize the highest levels of excellence in the pursuit of the university’s mission and goals. Each year the Chancellor calls for nominations for these awards. The Tri-Cities campus awards include:

WSU Tri-Cities Awards Committee Guide to Awards

Guide to WSU Awards

The WSU Tri-Cities Awards Committee developed a Guide to WSU Awards, which can be accessed through the knowledge base. We encourage academic directors, faculty, and staff members to review the guide and consider nominating a colleague for an award.


WSU Tri-Cities One Smart Cookie Award

Guide to the One Smart Cookie Award

In 2021, WSU Tri-Cities launched a recognition program called “One Smart Cookie.” The objective of the One Smart Cookie program is to identify and recognize employees who have put forth innovative ideas that have either saved the university time, money, or other resources.

Faculty, administrative professionals, civil service, classified and student employees are eligible to receive recognition.

Nominees can be submitted at any time, by any of the audiences listed, above. Nominations will be received by the chief of staff in the office of the chancellor and reviewed by the chancellor upon receipt. The Office of the Chancellor will have 10 business days to review the nomination and award recipients.

Recipients will be awarded a cookie, delivered by the Office of the Chancellor, with a note of congratulations. They will also be recognized in the Cougar Weekly and may be recognized at an all-employee state of the campus address.

Submit a nomination. 


WSU Tri-Cities You Take the Cake Award

The “You Take the Cake” award is given out by the Chancellor of WSU Tri-Cities to recognize individuals or a group of individuals for doing great work, for accomplishing a challenging task, or at the completion of a project. A cake is delivered to the individual or the group and they may be featured in a campus story produced by marketing and communications.


Submit a nomination by Jan. 31, 2021

The award will be given each year to a faculty member, or a group of collaborating faculty, who demonstrate excellence in teaching by meeting two or more of the following criteria:

  • Learning communities that encourage integration across courses
  • Undergraduate research experiences that encourage the connection of key concepts
  • Service learning/community-based learning, in which field-based, experiential learning with community partners is an instructional strategy
  • Diversity, equity, and inclusion, in which a course has been designed, or redesigned, to address—either explicitly or implicitly—issues of diversity, equity, and inclusion

Application opens Feb. 1. Submit a nomination by March 1.

The Distinguished Employee Excellence Award recognizes an employee with outstanding contributions to WSU Tri-Cities in one or more of the following areas of focus.

WSU Tri-Cities Strategic Plan Areas of Focus:

  • Student Success
  • Research and Scholarship
  • Accessibility and Equity
  • Regional and Community Engagement
  • Campus Culture & Environment
  • Institutional Effectiveness

Application opens Feb. 10. Submit a nomination by Feb. 21.

The Chancellor’s Award for Research Excellence is given annually to a WSU Tri-Cities faculty member whose research, scholarship or creative work is exemplary, and whose work has had a positive influence on the broader community. It is the campus’s highest research honor.

The award is based on student evaluations from the preceding fall semester.

Endowed with a donation from former Interim Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration, Peter Smith, who recognized the importance of adjunct faculty to our campus, the WSU Tri-Cities Outstanding Adjunct Business Faculty Award will recognize an adjunct faculty who exemplifies high quality of teaching in finance, accounting, math, and other business-related academic programming. The recipient will receive a personalized gift and monetary award.

Submit a nomination by Feb. 4, 2021

WSU Tri-Cities recognizes female students, staff, faculty, alumni, and community members who have made notable contributions to the campus through their community through service, teaching, or involvement.

The purpose of the Student Excellence Awards is to recognize the outstanding leadership and achievements of WSU Tri-Cities’ student organizations, students, and advisors.  The awards ceremony is hosted by the Office of Student Engagement & Leadership.