Women of Distinction

Leadership and Influence

WSU Tri-Cities recognizes students, staff, faculty, alumni, and community members who have made notable contributions to the campus and their community through service, teaching, or involvement.

Women of Distinction 2022

In honor of Women’s History Month, WSU Tri-Cities is hosting a gallery exhibition featuring past and present Women of Distinction award winners. Throughout the month of March, guests are welcome to visit the Art Center on campus and view the exhibition for themselves!

The Women of Distinction exhibition will be open during regular building hours.

March 1st - 8th

Guests will be able to view past award recipients.

March 10th - 31st

Guests will be able to view the entire exhibit including the 2022 inductees.

Award Criteria

The selection committee welcomes nominations of women who meet some or all of the following criteria:

  • Exhibit leadership in her discipline or area of expertise
  • Serve as role models and/or mentors to other women
  • Advocate for positive social change that helps close the leadership gap and create a more equitable society
  • Demonstrate a commitment to the missions of WSU Tri-Cities
  • Demonstrate a commitment to social justice and inclusion
  • Have earned respect within their communities
  • Support policies, practices, attitudes, and/or actions that are intended to produce equitable outcomes for all
  • Give back to the community through their time, talent, and/or resources

Women of Distinction Award

Nomination Deadline: Feb. 4

Virtual Awards Ceremony:
March 11 | 5 p.m. – 6 p.m.
Online via YouTube

Committee Members
  • Jaime Heppler
  • Kelly Gabel
  • Monique Van Sant
  • Kauser Gwaduri
  • Nathaly Mendoza
  • Kyle Kopta
  • Sylvia van Breda Vriesman
  • Pauline Garza
  • Stephanie Warner
  • Kaury Balcom

Previous Winners

2017 Women of Distinction

Michele Acker-Hocevar
Amber Eubanks
Jana Kay Lunstad
Katherine Banks
Lisa Godwin
Kay Olson
Cindy Bruckner-Lea
Elizabeth Hernandez-Osorio
Dana Parmenter
Shawna DiFalco
Anna King
Lura Powell
Selene Torres-Medrano
2018 Women of Distinction

LoAnn Ayers
Kate McAteer
Sarah Newcomer
Eadie Balint
Mysti M Meiers
Darlene R Scrivner
Diahann C Howard
Judith A Morrison
Karen Sinclair
Savanna Kresse
Maegan Murray
Dani Young
2019 Women of Distinction

Tanya Cheeke
Bernie Gagnier Woman of Distinction 2019
Bernadette “Bernie” Gagnier
Dashia Hopp Woman of Distinction
Dashia Hopp
2021 Women of Distinction

Janet Peters
Gabriela Ramirez
Gabriela Ramirez
Sandra Haynes
Sandra Haynes
Lindsay Lightner
Lindsay Lightner
Mikaela Thepvongsa
Mikaela Thepvongsa
2022 Women of Distinction
Paula Linnen
Becca De Kleine
Stephanie Bauman
Ashley Montes
Kauser Gwaduri