* In light of COVID-19, instructions for setting up a phone or virtual appointment with academic advisors will be posted soon. In the meantime, students should contact their advisor via email.

Academic Reinstatement at WSU Tri-Cities

Washington State University (WSU) expects students to make satisfactory academic progress toward their degree objectives. Undergraduate students are in good academic standing if both their current WSU semester and cumulative grade point averages are a 2.0 or above. Students not meeting these requirements are considered academically deficient.

Notification of academic deficiency will be mailed to the listed address on file, and emailed to the student’s WSU account after final grades have been posted. Additionally, a hold will be placed on the student’s account in myWSU Student Center which will prevent them from registering for classes or making any adjustments to an existing class schedule. To remove the hold students must complete the reinstatement application process.

The deadline to complete the application process is the Friday before classes begin. Current students who do not complete the application process by the deadline will be dropped from classes.

Academic Regulations

Rule 38

Explanation of Rule 38

(a) Undergraduate students whose semester (excluding summer session) or cumulative grade point average drops below a 2.0 for the first time must apply for reinstatement to continue their enrollment at Washington State University. Students are placed on academic probation after reinstatement. Certified majors on academic probation may be decertified by the academic department.

(b) First-time, first-year undergraduate students are recessed from the University after their first term of enrollment if their semester grade point average is below 1.0. Individuals are recessed from the university for one full semester (Fall or Spring). To reenroll for courses offered through any WSU campus students must apply for reinstatement. Recessed individuals may not seek status as a non-degree seeking student. Recessed students may enroll in summer session.

Rule 39

Explanation of Rule 39

Undergraduate students are dismissed from the university after the third semester (excluding summer session) in which the cumulative grade point average is below 2.0. Individuals who are dismissed from the university may not enroll in courses at WSU, including online and courses on any WSU campus, for two full academic semesters. Dismissed individuals will also not be able to seek status as a “non-degree seeking student.”

Rule 40

Explanation of Rule 40

Former students may seek reinstatement after two semesters by completing the academic reinstatement petition process. Former students petitioning for academic reinstatement must, as part of the reinstatement petition process, provide documentation that demonstrates potential for academic success at WSU. If seeking reinstatement after more than two semesters, former students must also apply for readmission to the university through the Office of Admissions. All academic coursework from other institutions completed during dismissed status must be documented and official transcripts submitted to the Office of Admissions.

Rule 41

Explanation of Rule 41

An undergraduate student who has been reinstated after becoming deficient under Rule 38 or 39 will be on academic probation. The specific conditions of enrollment for students who are on official probation will be determined by the interviewer or Review Board. Students on probation who fail to comply with the conditions of their probationary enrollment will be dismissed from the University.

Rule 43

Explanation of Rule 43

Former WSU students, dismissed under any academic deficiency rule, who have not been enrolled at WSU for four years or more may request at the time that they apply for readmission and reinstatement that all previous WSU work be disregarded. This includes all credits and grade points earned. Once the student is officially enrolled following the first day of the term, the student’s transcript will be marked to indicate that the previous work is not considered as credit earned. After the subsequent completion of 15 semester hours of course work with a cumulative grade point average of 2.0 or higher at WSU, the prior credits earned in courses graded C or better will be restored.  Only the courses and credit, not grades or grade points, will be restored.  Requests for reinstatement for former WSU students will be considered by the Review Board in the Academic Success and Career Center on the Pullman campus, WSU Online, or designated office on other campuses.

Reinstatement Process

Complete Reinstatement Application
Complete, print and bring with you to the seminar

Write Personal Statement
Personal statements must be typed. Handwritten statements will not be accepted.
Include in the personal statement your full name, WSU ID number, date and term applying for and page numbers

Pay Reinstatement Fee in Student Accounts in FLOYD 269.

Application Fees
Rule 38 – $50.00 (first time deficient)
Rule 39 – $75.00 (third semester deficient)

Attend a Success Seminar

Seminar dates are to TBD.

Re-apply for admission to the university.

Submit all official transcripts from colleges or universities you attended during the time you were not attending WSU 

Complete Reinstatement Application
Complete, print and bring with you to the meeting with your advisor.

Write Personal Statement
Personal statement must be typed. Handwritten statements will not be accepted.
Include your full name, WSU ID number, date and term applying for, and page numbers

Pay Reinstatement Fee at Student Accounts is located in FLOYD 269

Application Fees
Rule 38 – $50.00 (first time deficient)
Rule 39 – $75.00 (returning after being academically dismissed for one year)

Meet with an academic advisor

  • Reinstatement Seminars

    • Wednesday, January 2, 2019    10:00-11:30 a.m.     CIC 217
    • Wednesday, January 2, 2019    1:00-2:30 p.m.        CIC 217
    • Thursday, January 3, 2019        9:30-11:00 a.m.       CIC 217
    • Thursday, January 3, 2019        12:00-1:30 p.m.     CIC 217

Students are required to satisfy the minimum conditions under the Reinstatement Contract that is created between the student and the academic advisor. Conditions can be modified based upon students’ unique circumstances in order to meet their academic needs.

If conditions are not met by the deadline, a conditions hold will be placed on their record in myWSU Student Center. They will be required to meet with their academic advisor and complete the remaining conditions in order to register for classes. If conditions are not met by the end of the term Rule 41 may be enforced at the discretion of the academic advisor.

The deadline to satisfy the minimum conditions is by the Friday before the next terms’ registration date.

Minimum conditions:

  • Meet with an academic advisor at least once after mid-term grades are posted.
  • Complete a Success Activity –success activities should be selected based on your unique needs
    • Attend one workshop through advising, career development, or writing center, or
    • Meet with a current instructor about your progress in your class, or
    • Meet with a faculty member in your major to discuss career or research opportunities, or
    • Complete two tutoring, or
    • Complete two writing center sessions, or
    • Attend a Career Development meeting, or
    • Complete other meeting with advisor approval

Please check your WSU email regularly as Academic Advising will be contacting your frequently throughout the semester to check on your progress. We will also call you periodically.

To satisfy your Success Activity, you will be required to submit a Reinstatement Tracking Card to Academic Advising before the conditions deadline. The card should be signed by the facilitator. If you select to do two tutoring or writing center sessions, you will need to obtain two tracking cards.

Complete the reinstatement application early!

Type the application and personal statement. For best results download PDF Adobe Acrobat Reader. For personal computers, a free version is available at

Your personal statement is crucial in considering your application for reinstatement to the university. Without a complete and thorough personal statement it will not be possible to give your application complete consideration.

Provide specific documentation to support your personal statement. For example, medical documentation of personal or family illness or travel information for unexpected travel.

Suggested to attend the earliest seminar available. Especially if you need to register for classes or need to make adjustments to your schedule. This will increase your opportunity to get into the classes you need before they are full.

When you meet with your faculty member, be prepared to speak with them about how you can be successful. You could consider asking the following questions:

  • What careers or internships are available in the particular field of study?
  • How can a student stand out in this major?
  • What are some suggestions for succeeding in the field of study?
  • What is the application process for the program/major?
  • What kind of continuing education is important or suggested for careers in the field?
  • What opportunities for research are available for students interested in pursuing graduate degrees?

If you are struggling with contacting a faculty member, talk to your academic advisor for suggestions or assistance.

General Guidelines

The personal statement must be completed by the student applying for reinstatement. It must be typed. Handwritten personal statements will not be accepted.

Carefully compose and proofread your personal statement. The quality of your writing, organization, content, spelling, punctuation, and grammar are important in presenting your strongest possible case for reinstatement. Be clear in answering the questions which are provided on the application.

Declarations of good intentions are not sufficient. You should provide specific examples of what actions you will take to be successful.

Your personal statement should be two to three pages long.

For questions about your reinstatement, please contact Karina Aispuro in Academic Advising at or call 509-372-7035.

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