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History at WSU Tri-Cities

The study of history prepares our students to understand the world in which they live, its historical development and inter-relatedness.

It also helps students appreciate their place within the world. It illuminates the human condition and develops historical sensitivity. With this knowledge, students are able to extend their experience, fortify their judgment, and develop a broad appreciation of their heritage.

The History department is known as a department committed to quality undergraduate teaching. By far, the greatest strength of the department is the faculty. Although distinguished for their books and other scholarly publications, Washington State University History faculty consider teaching to be their primary mission. Several faculty members in the WSU system have won recognition through major teaching awards, and students find them helpful and willing to meet on an individual basis after class. In addition to their professional training, faculty have benefited from extensive travel, research, and/or teaching abroad.

In addition to our extensive collection of documents and other written resources, we have access to a collection of more than 10,000 slides from pictures taken of historical sites all over the world. These slides are useful in both teaching and learning history.